Your Side Hustle

Do you have an idea for a Side Hustle?

Let’s say you don’t! This could be because you already have a business that already absorbs 110% of your time.

Regardless, it’s worth taking the time to check out Side Hustles, provided by CC members.


  • We don’t know what we don’t know!
  • Checking out what others are doing may give you ideas you can use.
  • You may be able to support other CC members in their endeavours – and build all-important trust in the process!
  • Most importantly, you are likely to come across many people who are desperately looking for more than their current employment provides (you may be doing them a huge favour by introducing them to CC members willing to offer them a side-hustle opportunity).
  • You may be able to engage with other Side Hustles that will not only support your idea but will also help you earn additional income while supporting other CC members.
    • For example, there are some great tools that will greatly enhance your network-building activities, which can also be income-generating. In other words, extra income for very little extra effort.

On the other hand, you may be excited about a business idea you are itching to launch!

  • Our advice is: slow down, don’t rush. If possible, keep your day job!
  • It’s great that you are building your network – we are great believers in “network first, ideas second”
  • Only 28% of your business success is attributed to how great your idea is. Many great ideas fail, while mediocre ideas succeed.

First Steps

  • Discuss your ideas with others in the CC who have gone before you.
  • You may be excited about your idea – but will your market be as excited as you?
  • If the market isn’t ready, can you pivot?
  • Do you have a team of people that can work with?

Guy Wilson has been a highly successful entrepreneur. Guy publishes this great Newsletter with many great articles for Side Hustlers.

It is well worth subscribing for the wisdom you’ll receive in the articles (new articles are published every two weeks)

Guy also has a heart for those wanting to start Side Hustles and is happy to have a chat.

Tobi Nagy & Guy Wilson have developed Safer(r) Entrepreneurship – it’s well worth Checking out.

Brett Watson

Brett Watson ( is an ideal person to speak with when you have an idea for a side hustle.


After many years in Digital Marketing, Brett decided to develop a Side Hustle based on one of his passions – pets.

Through his websites, Brett provides incredible value for pet lovers. This is clear from the huge number of people that visit his sites every day.

However, just providing great resources for pet lovers does not put “bread on the table”.

Brett knows how to monetise his sites (and yours) without asking for any money from those who visit.

Brett knows the secrets and believes anyone can emulate his success – and he wants to help.

If you are interested in picking Brett’s Brains”, send Brett an email ( to set up a time to have a quick chat.

Most importantly: Brett will confirm that you must do your Due Diligence before you do anything.

Is the market looking for what you are planning to provide?

Let’s test it out.

If not, is there a way for you to pivot before you start?

Equally important: Are you prepared to put in a sustained effort on top of your day job?

What’s it going to take?