Your Online Meetings

Why not use a better online meetings platform that actually pays you?

Online meetings have become such an essential part of our business life.

There are many different platforms – Zoom, Teams, Google, etc.

There’s a new kid on the block!

You can now tailor your experience to make it far easier to subtly create interest in your products and services during your online meetings.

The providers of this new platform are offering great deals, and they are keen to get known and adopted – fast.

To do this, they provide great incentives to use their platform.

As you hold your online meetings on this new platform,

Your participants will usually ask you: What’s this platform? It looks good.

This allows you to say a few words (easy as they have asked you) and encourage your participant(s) to click the button to Join (you) for a free version.

The free version is a no-brainer. Then upgrading just makes sense.

You will likely have an increasing number of online meetings, so learning the benefits of making a simple switch makes sense (as you can see from the following short video).

That will enable to not only to have more effective meetings but also to develop an additional ongoing revenue stream.

Even if you are totally entrenched in your current platform (such as Zoom), and you don’t feel you have the bandwidth to swap, this is something you need to know about – it will be a great tool and side hustle for many joining your CC team.

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