Your Google Email

In many cases, you will have an email address that is different from the one you use to login into your Chrome web browser.

For example, you may have a contact email which is something like:

Whereas, you log into Google (i.e. your Chrome web browser) with an email address which could be different – perhaps something like:

Accessing the Fellow Collaborators Sheet

When you attempt to access the Fellow Collaborators Google spreadsheet, Google will check whether the email address with which you are currently signed in to Google has access to the Fellow Collaborators sheet. If not, you will be denied access.

How to ensure you have access to the Fellow Collaborators sheet

Firstly determine the Google account you are logged in with as shown in the following screenshot

Click on the icon shown at the top right of your Chrome browser as shown in the above screenshot

Now, take note of the email address which is displayed or better yet highlight and copy it.

This is the email address you want to let the system know should be able to access the Fellow Collaborators sheet.


If you have several Google accounts, choose the one you are most likely to use to access the Connect Collaborative

Update your profile’s Google Account

The system will now grant access to this email. In other words, if you are logged into Chrome with this email address, you will be able to access Fellow Collaborators