W06 – About

Workshop 06 – About

If you are facilitating this workshop, it’s great to demonstrate to your workshop participants how to access the Workshop grid from the Builders menu and then click Workshop 06.

  • Ask your attendees how they are going with listening to the Podcasts
    • By now, they should have learned how to put the Builders menu on the home screen of their phone
  • At the start of every workshop, ask your attendees to open their Activity workbook (accessible from the Builders menu) and record any questions, notes etc. from this session

Leave enough time for the Quiz

  • We have found the Quizzes are highly effective as they really help trigger penny-drop moments for key points

Know when you are rostered on for which Workshop and how to swap with another facilitator should the need arise

Click Here to see when you are scheduled to present Workshop-06 (How to create consistent mini-habits)

If you can’t facilitate at the time you are scheduled to facilitate, find someone to take your place

Then Click Here to swap places with them

Mark yourself as unavailable (Click Here)

It’s a good idea to put an entry in your calendar as a reminder when you are facilitating

The system should send out an email reminding you the week before you are due to facilitate

When you choose Workshop 06 from the Workshop grid, the following will be displayed:

After you have Zoomed out to the max, you will see the 6 topics that make up this workshop, as shown in the following screenshot:

Now click and drag (anywhere on the canvas) until you have moved to Topic 1 (T1 – top right) and then Zoom in by repeatedly pressing CTRL-plus or Right-Click and move the magnifying glass symbol upwards.

A screen similar to the following should then be displayed:

Workshop 06 is about the thing which holds most people back from the success they’d like to achieve in any area of life: Forming the right consistent mini-habits

So, arguably this is the most important Workshop.

Most people think they already have too much to do and can’t spare the time to form the consistent mini-habits necessary to achieve important goals such as building their network.

However, if you analyse how much time people waste or how inefficient or ineffective they are, it’s easy to see how they could reclaim more than enough time to invest enough time in the right daily mini-habits.

Many say, that if people believe a goal is important enough to them, they will find the time to make it happen.
Unfortunately, we know that is just not true.
Health and well-being may be critically important to many yet they somehow don’t get around to forming the habits that make it happen.

Similarly creating wealth is highly desired by many.
Yet they simply do not form the right daily habits that would make it happen.
Many people who desire wealth prefer to believe that it’s about finding a great idea.
A great idea is a good starting place but without consistent habits, most great ideas do not succeed.

Workshop 06 is comprised of the following 6 Topics:

Topic 1 – What’s the value of Consistency?

Topic 2 – When we know why consistency is important we take steps to develop the habit

Topic 3 – What does it mean to be consistent?

Topic 4 – Why do people struggle with consistency?

Topic 5 – Ways to Rethink Consistency

Topic 6 – How to Be Consistent (a few things to consider)

There is quite a bit to cover and we encourage interactive questions and discussion.

However, it is important to cover all the topics in this workshop and leave time to do the Quiz at the end.

Each topic has a symbol like the one shown in the following screenshot: