A Community of Volunteers

Individual Hosting

Rather than inviting people to attend events, we believe in meeting in person at an event where you can be hosted, made to feel welcome and introduced to relevant others.

The only “ulterior motive” in this is the law reciprocity (you may one day do the same favour for others)

Rest assured you will never have any opportunity “pitched to you”. Our goal is to build genuine relationships before thinking about transactions.

We are a community that believes developing strong,  genuinely collaborative relationships through proactive network building is the key to success in any endeavour, AND we network differently.

In fact, we actually ‘build networks’ rather than just network!

If you would like someone to host you at one of our “Coffee Alternative” Hub meetings or have any queries, please just send us an email at:


Network-building allows for the exponential growth of your network (read the ‘How To’ tab for further explanation).

The culture of all our events is:  Develop relationships before expecting transactions.

Most importantly, as a volunteer community, we facilitate events that are fiercely independent and are in no way associated with any particular business or organisation, so you can be confident that there is no ‘hidden agenda’ – your own experience will verify this.

The only thing that is ‘sold’ at any of our events, is the idea that we are all better off if we collaboratively build networks together and that outstanding results & opportunities are available when we all genuinely apply the spirit of theGo-Giver‘.

As a voluntary collaborative, we do our best to help those who attend to adhere to this philosophy – but we cannot be responsible for the actions of all who attend. Any suggestion that any of the Collect Collaborative events are affiliated with one person’s agenda is entirely incorrect.

We recommend you watch this quick summary video to better understand the benefits of being a giver:

If you genuinely wish to offer value to others who use our events, rather than offering your service or products, we suggest you first focus on providing value by meeting your own new contacts and building your network alongside others.

The greater your network, the more valuable you are to others.

Building your network of trusted relationships means creating greater opportunities for everyone. It eliminates a famine mentality and allows for an abundance of possibility; particularly when you are surrounded by a community that believes in who you are and what you are trying to achieve. A community who authentically wants to collaborate.