W07 – S04 T04 – Help your team member work with filtered lists

When your new team member has created a filtered list of candidates, the next step is to examine all profiles on the list to determine if they want to send them an invitation to have a quick face-to-face meeting on Zoom.

Your team member must understand the following.

1. When in doubt, they should discard a profile. They are looking for only a small number of great partners to join their team. There are enough people with outstanding LinkedIn profiles not to be too concerned about working with lower quality profiles.

2. Roughly only about 30% of the people they send a connection request will connect with them with a “real” message, in other words, with a message other than an emoji.

3. When your new member gets good at the process, they should only need to send out about 200 connection requests to onboard 5 members of their team and achieve the Core-5 level. Let them know they are recognised as Core-5 and can attend Core-5 meetings when they have a team of 5, of which they have personally introduced a minimum of 3. Many people have done this purely with the people they know, without using LinkedIn at all.

4. We have some great tools to help them save searches and send messages on LinkedIn. Let them know that the MyMostTrusted app is a potent well-documented tool that you will be helping them to learn how to use.

5. Let them know that we also have an in-house developed tool affectionately known as “Arnie”. Arnie will allow them to automatically select a more relevant list of profiles by allowing them to assign points to words and select only profiles that have at least the number of points they specify. Unfortunately, the process associated with Arnie is a bit more complicated, so their new builder must start using MyMostTrusted.

6. Consistency is the biggest key. There is no doubt that the results will be achieved when their new builder follows the process. However, consistency is difficult until small daily habits have been established. Until those habits are firmly locked in, it will take deliberate focus on the part of their new team member to stay on track. However, the prize of creating a growing team of team building advocates means that this effort will pay off many times over.