W07 – S04 – Overview

Session 04 is the final session in Workshop 07.

In Session 01, we reinforce the value of building a network before outlining the work to be done to onboard new team members.

In Session 02, we show you how to take new members through the Syllabus, the fast track and make a start on their “Homework”.

In session 03, we show you how to help your new members to start conversations with people they already know to determine if the concept of network building is important to them. 

You’ll also learn how to help your new members book into CC Intro sessions and make the best use of them.

In Session 04 (this session), we cover how you can explain to your new members how they can make the best use of LinkedIn to find a few great network-building partners.

This involves creating filtered lists from both 1st and 2nd level connections using Boolean Searches and showing new team members how to examine these lists further to determine who they want to meet on Zoom for a Discovery call.