W08 – About

Workshop 08 – About

If you are facilitating this workshop, it’s great to demonstrate to your workshop participants how to access the Workshop grid from the Builders menu and then click Workshop 05.

When you choose Workshop 08 from the Workshop grid, the following will be displayed:

The Zoom function is very important to help you navigate around the Coggle mind map “canvas”.

Even though your participants may have already been shown how to access the mind map that explains how to use the mind map in Workshop 1, it may be good to ask them if they would like you to touch on it again!

After you have Zoomed out to the max, you will see the 4 sessions that make up this workshop, as shown in the following screenshot:

Now click and drag (anywhere on the canvas) until you have moved to the desired session (for example, Session 01) and then Zoom in by repeatedly pressing CTRL-plus or Right-Click and move the magnifying glass symbol upwards. See the following screenshot for an example.

Workshop 08 is comprised of the following 4 sessions:

Session 01 – What we mean by leadership & team dynamics

Session 02 – Inspire and help team members to achieve Core Levels

Session 03 – Coaching your team: What holds your team members back & what can you do about it

Session 04 – How can you become a more effective leader?

When we have enough capable facilitators, and enough attendees, each of these Sessions will become a workshop in its own right. Until then, the facilitator conducting Workshop 08 that week will lightly touch on all the Workshop 08 sessions and then do a “deep dive” into the session that is the focus for that week.

Each session has a symbol like the one shown in the following screenshot:

If you click on the black diamond, you will be taken to the Quiz for that session.

The Quizzes are designed to promote interactive discussion and engagement – and create some fun!

Hint: Make sure you leave enough time to go through the Quiz!

Which facilitator is doing a “deep dive” on what session this week?

Facilitators (and attendees) can see which Session is having the “deep dive” this week and which facilitator is leading the session this week by clicking as shown in the following screenshot:

When you click the above link, it will take you to the Google Sheet shown in the following screenshot:

This is simply a display of what is happening. 

Note: Only future dates are displayed

It is driven from the following sheets in the same Workbook:

Session Names Sheet (Enter or change the session names here)

This is a list of session names that can be changed at any time.

They are used to create the possible choices in the drop-down in the “Roster” sheet, as shown in the following screenshot:

Facilitator Names Sheet (Enter or change the facilitator names here)

Roster Sheet (choose a facilitator and a deep dive session for each week)