W06 – T2 – When you know WHY consistency is important

When you know why consistency is important, you take small steps to develop the habit.

Here are some reasons why developing consistent habits is so critical:

1. Consistency develops discipline and self-control

Forming a new habit can be challenging because it’s easier to go back to what you’re comfortable with.

Your ability to be consistent requires self-control.

2. Consistency builds a higher level of trust

The level of trust you have with yourself shows up in the level of trust others have with you.

3. Consistency can fast track your progress in any area

Consistency will progress, speeding up the progress of what you want.

This will help your self-confidence and help you to set bigger, more challenging goals.

4. Consistency creates accountability

Your results will reveal if you are consistent or not.

If you know you are off track, you can hold yourself accountable.

This means you can adjust your actions/behaviours to keep progressing towards what you want.

5. Consistency attracts admiration

People love those who consistently work on their goals, no matter how little the efforts may seem.

Small actions carried out consistently will lead to big results over time.

When you do something for a long period, you will differentiate yourself from those who aren’t consistent.

6. Consistency helps you build momentum

When the aeroplane is about to take off, it has to go down the runaway for a few kilometres before flying.

That’s the same with consistency; it allows you to build the momentum you need to accomplish your goals.

7. Consistency helps you differentiate what is important from what is not

When you are not consistent with the pursuit of your goals, everything goes.

After all, you don’t have goals, no schedules, no focus, and you’re not bothered about tracking your progress.

But once you become consistent, you’ll understand the value of time and the importance of planning.

Then, all the steps necessary to achieve your goals will naturally take their rightful place on your priority list.

8. Consistency sustains accomplishments

Your results stop where your consistency stops!

9. Consistency inspires those around you

As a leader or even as an individual with no leadership role, your consistency indirectly rubs off well on those around you.

When you consistently work on your goals, the people around you are inspired to be consistent in working on their craft as well.

In other words, consistency begets consistency!

10. Consistency opens doors to opportunities

You can be highly talented, but if you aren’t consistent, no one will call you when new opportunities show up.

People love to invest in talents that are consistent over time because that’s a guarantee for a return on their investments.

This can help you attract new opportunities that may not have been possible if you hadn’t been consistent.

In conclusion: consistency is essential to your success.