Your invitation to connect message

People who

  • have not yet connected with you
  • but have connected with your 1st-level connections

 Are referred to by LinkedIn as your 2nd-level connections.

Let’s say, for example, you have 500 1st-level connections. 

If each of these 500 connections also had 500 connections, you would have 250,000 2nd-level connections.

It’s easy to see how a relatively small number of high-quality 1st-level connections can lead to a huge list of similar quality potential connections.

When sending your 2nd-level connections an invitation to connect, LinkedIn limits the size of the message that accompanies your invitation to 300 characters in length.

What’s the objective of your invitation to connect message?

Your objective is simply to gain their agreement to have a Zoom call between the 2 of you so that you can meet face-to-face and see if your network building objectives and your values align.

Think of your invitation to connect message as having 2 parts.

The first part of your message should vary depending on what you have observed on their profile.

For example,

“It’s great to see that we both believe in making a difference in partnership with others.”

The second part of your message should always be the same.

For example,

Hopefully (like me), you also value stronger relationships outside LinkedIn?

If so, let’s connect with a view to meeting on Zoom (or equivalent).

Given that you are suggesting a Zoom call with people you don’t yet know, you must select candidates carefully so that you do not waste each other’s time.

We cover how to select people who could be a great part of your team in the next topic.