Why do we focus so much on LinkedIn?

When you are new to the concept of network-building, keep reminding yourself that it’s not about; you. Instead, it’s about empowering the people in your teams to build their teams.

The easiest way for you to do that is to have a system that your team can easily follow without you having to explain everything to them personally.

When everyone in the CC follows the same system, experienced others can conduct workshops to help your team even when you are not there. As will the web pages and podcasts that make up our system.

Our system encourages everyone to first think about the people they know. In other words, if you or your team already know many people, it’s a great place to start looking for others who may see the benefit of having an expanding group of others advocating for them.

In the end, many people network; but very few focus on network-building.

We are about helping others engage in network-building rather than just networking to develop a growing team that advocates for them and others in the team.

This is very different from just passing referrals between members of a group that grows very little.

As such, many of the people you know, and your team members know will have contacts who are attracted to the idea of growing their team of team-building advocates; rather than just passing referrals around and hoping for the best.

So, when looking for people to join your team, a great place to start is with the people you know.

Starting with people you know is simple. You don’t need to do anything on LinkedIn. You simply need to know how to have a Discovery call, invite them to experience the CC, follow up and book a time for your first onboarding session.

While this process is occurring, we strongly recommend that you and your team members learn how to search for great contacts and message them using LinkedIn.

The main reason for this is that you and your team have a finite number of contacts that you already know. So when you have spoken with all the relevant people you know, you can quickly find great new contacts on LinkedIn when you know how.

You may be wondering why we use LinkedIn when other platforms are available.

The answer is that we have studied LinkedIn for many years and have developed ways of quickly achieving the results we are looking for.

In the end, if there is a way to achieve the results more effectively and efficiently; why not use it?

Our experience tells us that it will take about 200 connection requests to carefully selected candidates on LinkedIn to onboard 5 people with who you have built enough rapport to feel you’d like to have them as part of your team.

Let’s say you sent out 5 connection requests a day on LinkedIn to your selected list. It would then take you 40 days or roughly 2 months to achieve Core-5).

How long would it take to send out 5 connection requests after examining and discarding, say 15, that you did not send a connection request? Let’s say that took you 20 minutes a day.

If everyone who came into your team onboarded 5 people every 2 months into their team, you would have quite a large team of team-building advocates after a year. 

And after that, look forward to exponential growth as more and more in your team follow the system to duplicate their networks.

So, the real question is, what’s the point of worrying about other platforms when you and your team can quickly achieve fast and, most importantly, duplicatable growth using our system to contact relevant others using LinkedIn?