How to register a new team member

Registering a new team member is relatively straightforward.

Just follow the instructions that can be accessed through the Builders menu.

These instructions are also attached to this topic of this workshop.

Your new members must have a great onboarding experience. In other words, it is not just a matter of signing them up and hoping they do well.

You are building your team, and the 4-6 week onboarding process that we recommend; gives you the opportunity to work through the Syllabus with your new person. During this time, you can facilitate introductions to relevant others in the CC, and, most importantly, build your relationship with them.

If you feel you are not yet confident about taking a new person through the onboarding steps, ask your Connector to do it on your behalf. 

In fact, for the first few people you onboard into your team, we recommend you allow your Connector to take your new members through the 4-6 week onboarding process while you watch. That way, you get to learn how to onboard new members.