A Discovery call with someone you don’t know

In some ways, having a Discovery call with someone you don’t know is easier than having one with someone you do.

Firstly you have the opportunity to build rapport by asking connecting questions about their background and what they are looking for. Whereas with someone you know, you already know their background.

If you have selected well, there is a good chance that the person with whom you are having a Discovery Zoom is likely to be open to building a network that focuses on relationships rather than transactions.

The initial part of the call is where you need to connect.

As the leadership guru, John C Maxwell, said: Few people focus on connecting before attempting to communicate.

If you connect with others, they start listening to what you have to say.

Refer to their profile and ask connecting questions and questions that determine how much they value building their networks.

A couple of great questions:

  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • Where has most of your business come from so far?
  • How much of your business has come via referrals from others?
  • Who would be great contacts for you?
  • What other great questions can you think of that could help you move conversations in the right direction?

Discovery call Hints & Tips.

  • Make sure you exude positive energy. Remember, people follow confident, passionate people.
  • As you conduct more Discovery calls, write down questions that you have found to be particularly effective.
  • After connecting and establishing rapport, get on with the purpose of the call. You really don’t have time to ramble (and nor do they). In this regard, it helps to send a time limit in your Calendly invite of say half an hour.
  • Don’t start a Discovery call with the intent of promoting the CC. Instead, start by connecting, finding out what your candidate is looking for and how important building their network is to them.
  • If they are on the same page as you about the type of network they’d like to build, invite them to meet some great network-builders and attend a session introducing them to the CC system you are all using to build your network.
  • The best way to improve your Discovery calls is simply to do more of them.