What’s the Process?

In this topic, we start by explaining the process of proactively meeting people who could be a great part of your team.

However, before reaching out to others on LinkedIn, it helps to understand the power of weak links.

And primarily, that the secret to great opportunities lies in the people you have not yet met. 

We cover these concepts with a great article by Ian Leslie and a classic talk by professor Tanya Menon.

It’s vital to know that consistently making an effort to meet others on LinkedIn is so valuable.

It’s also important to know that you are potentially doing those that become part of your team a huge favour because you can help them meet so many others and help them build their networks.

We then cover the process of finding great people on LinkedIn and inviting them to meet you on Zoom for a “Discovery Call”.

Following your “Discovery” call, you may want to suggest your new contact attend a CC Intro session to meet others who are also building their networks using the tools & culture provided by the CC.

After the Intro call, they may want to become part of your team of team building advocates and register for a trial of our Network Building System.