Understand the strength of your weak ties – Mark Granovetter

In 1973, Mark Granovetter, a sociology professor at Stanford University, published a paper entitled The Strength of Weak Ties

It went on to become one of the most influential sociology papers of all time. 

Until then, scholars had assumed that an individual’s well-being depended mainly on the quality of relationships with close friends and family. 

Granovetter showed that quantity matters, too.

One topic of this workshop delves into the incredible value of your weak ties.

The strong conclusion is that we should all deliberately strive to increase our weak ties.

One of the best ways to build our relationships with like-minded others is by very selectively reaching out to those we have not yet met using LinkedIn.

This is powerfully reinforced by a great talk by Tanya Menon titled: “The secret to great opportunities – the person you have not yet met”