What is your network worth?

The truth is that building your network is no longer an optional extra for most people. It has become essential. In which case, it is critical to learn how to most effectively and efficiently build a team of team building advocates. That is why the Connect Collaborative exists. 

We want to help you become confident about building your personal team within the CC and interact with others in the CC building their teams. In addition, we want to help you build your network to increase the amount of time you have available for pursuits outside of work, while increasing the results you desire from your work.

Like anything worthwhile, building a team of team building advocates will take a committed effort.

Therefore, before you start, you must realise the actual value of the asset you are building and begin with the end in mind.

Are you building your network to increase your existing business?

If so, how scalable is your business?

If your business is not set up for scale and your team of advocates and others in the CC refer you more business than you can handle, will you feel overwhelmed?  

Will you feel like scaling down your network-building activities once you have more work than you can handle?

As you develop an exponentially growing team of team building advocates, you will develop many know, like, and trust relationships that can help many others commercialise their great ideas. In other words, the asset you are building can have immense value for others. 

This, in turn, means that your network can have significant commercial value for, you. In many cases, all you need to do is set up the commercial arrangements and advocate relevant connections.

As such, your network can do a lot more than just provide business for your business. So much more is possible.

If you are going to go to the effort of building your network, it is wise to start with a much bigger vision than just providing sales for your existing business because so much more is possible.

How highly do you value your free time? 

As Rory Vaden says in his TED talk “Multiply your time”, it is essential to look for ways to Multiply your time, not just manage it. 

And that is one of the major benefits of building your network – you can leverage your time.

The value of building an exponentially growing network is invaluable when you consider that.

  • Anyone
  • Can sell anyone
  • Except themselves

If you attempt to tell people how great you are, no one believes it.

But, on the other hand, if you sing the praises of someone you know, like, and trust to someone who you believe will benefit from that connection, it’s almost a done deal.

However, it is essential to realise that building and multiplying trusted relationships takes time. Trusted relationships are not built overnight. In other words, have patience.

In summary, here are some excellent questions:

  • How scalable could your business become?
  • How scalable is your business at the moment?
  • When you focus on building a large team of team building advocates
    • What business ideas might you discover that are very scalable and can multiply your time so that you have more free time for other passion projects?