How to book your guest(s) into a CC Intro session

Step 1: Choose “Book guests into a CC Intro” from the Builders menu as shown in the following screenshot:

This will take you to the following screen:

Select the date your guest will be attending and then select the time – as shown in the following screenshot:

Then click on the Confirm button as shown in the following screenshot

Note: Clicking the confirm button does not save the booking

After pressing the confirm button, the following screen will be displayed:

Enter the details shown above and press the “Schedule Event” button.

After entering the details for your guest

  • Contact them to ensure they received the confirmation email with the Zoom link
  • Suggest they press the button in their email to add the event to their calendar
  • Explain what will happen on the night

On the night your guest logs into the Workshop, they will initially sit in a small breakout room where they will meet others involved with the CC. We call this the magic waiting room. It’s a great chance for them to meet others and get a feeling for the value they are receiving from the CC.

They will then join the main Workshop, see the good news stories and see those who have joined in the last week being introduced.

After this, the MC will direct them to choose the Workshop session which is the Introduction to the CC (Workshop 0).