In the end, achieving the results you desire from any endeavour typically boils down to forming the proper habits that you consistently practice.

To begin with, you need deliberate daily focus until a daily habit becomes almost automatic. Part of the key to 

forming a new habit is to make the activity so small that you can’t talk yourself out of it.

It’s not about setting a goal to do a lot each day; it’s about consistently doing a small amount each day so that you form a habit.

Typically, when you form a habit, you get much better results, which inspires you to do more!

Small habits (such as reaching out to others on LinkedIn) repeated over 6 months start producing significant results!

Another key is to become accountable to your Connector.

Keep them in the loop about how you are going and seek their advice if you get off track.

The short audio introducing the Mini-Habits book by Stephen Guise is invaluable.

Make sure you get a chance to listen to it!