What are YOUR END Goals & your YES BUTs?

Have you thought about your end goals lately?

What if you could generate increasing amounts of income with decreasing amounts of time required to earn that income?

  • What would that enable you to do?
  • How possible do you believe that is?
  • What would need to happen to make that possible?

How could building your team of team building advocates help you achieve such goals?

When you build a large network, you may have a much bigger asset than you realise. For example, when you have an extensive network of know like and trust relationships, you have the connections that can help others launch their great ideas. As such, the network you have built can have significant commercial value to you.

What are your “YES BUTs?”

Perhaps even more importantly, what are the “YES BUT’s?” of your team members likely to be?

One or more of your team members are likely to have “YES BUT’s” such as.

  • I would be ecstatic if I could achieve my End goals. 
    • Who wouldn’t be?
    • BUT I believe it’s beyond my grasp.
    • Like most people, I’m struggling to survive day-to-day.
    • I just believe in working as hard as I can and hoping for the best.
  • I have some really tough circumstances.
    • I am so busy dealing with the “urgent” that.
    • I don’t have the headspace to think about my End goals right now.
    • I’ll get around to thinking about my End Goals when I get over the current crisis.
  • I feel overwhelmed with what’s already on my plate.
    • I have to focus on keeping my business afloat.
    • I have promised myself that I will get around to thinking about my End Goals as soon as I feel a little less overwhelmed.
  • My End goals inspire me, BUT I just can’t see a way of making them happen.
    • It’s great to have big dreams, BUT realistically, you need ways of making them happen and be prepared to take risks, don’t you?
    • And I’m not a risk-taker.
  • I’m already putting too much time into work.
    • I need more balance.
    • Achieving lofty End Goals will require me to be out of balance for too long.
  • My priority right now is to make my business or career successful.
    • That’s why I want to build my network.
    • I’ll think about what business success means for me personally when I’ve made my business successful.

When you or your team members are thinking about “Yes Buts”, it helps to counteract them by asking questions such as:

  • How important are your End Goals?
  • Can I devote a minimal amount of time each day towards achieving my End goals even when I have so many other things to deal with?
  • Are you willing to focus on the solutions rather than the problems?
  • How open are you to discovering new ideas & different ways of doing things?
  • How open are you to looking at things from a different perspective?