Review of Workshop 01

OK, before moving forward, let’s just do a quick review of Workshop 01.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, it’s worth taking the time to complete the Workshop 01 Quiz. You can easily access it from the mindmap in Workshop 02.

In Workshop 01, we asked you to prepare for Workshop 02  by thinking about some personal End Goals you’d like to achieve and some of the Means goals that would enable you to progress toward those End goals.

Let’s look at some example End goals.

  • Create more memories with my loved ones and close friends
  • Strengthen relationships with those close to me
  • Have more adventurous experiences – especially around travel
  • Make a greater difference in the lives of others

Now, let’s look at some example Means goals.

  • Discover more ways to increase my recurring income while decreasing the time required to earn that income

How important is it for you to clarify your End goals & your Means goals?

It’s always good to pause and set aside a small amount of time to think about where you are currently at and what you’d like your future to look like.

It’s great to let your Connector know what’s important to you. One of the best ways to do this is to complete the “Scale of 1 to 10” exercise. This exercise will help you also think about what really inspires and motivates you.  You can also access this through mindmap Topic 01.

Following are some examples of the “Scale of 1 to 10” exercise:

  • Travel & Adventure
  • Being involved with projects that are exciting because they make a difference
  • Remaining free of toxic work environments
  • Being around like-minded others who inspire you
  • Having more time and money to invest in creating memories, relationships & experiences
  • Making a difference in the lives of others
  • Becoming a better version of you – developing your skills, posture & attitude – more confidence, less procrastination, leadership, etc
  • Financial Freedom
  • Income security (because job security really doesn’t exist, does it?)
  • Belonging and contributing to a community you respect
  • Decreasing the hours required to earn increasing income
  • Earning the same income with 1 or 2 days less work per week
  • Earning more income
  • Having more free time available outside work
  • Freeing yourself from the feeling of always being too busy
  • Setting up a better future for yourself and your loved ones
  • Digging the well before you need the water

Also, if you haven’t had a chance yet, it’s definitely worth watching the following videos accessible via Topic 01

  • End Goals vs Means Goals by Vishen Lakliani
  • Multiply your time by Rory Vaden
  • It starts with Why by Simon Sinek