W02 – About

Key points for facilitators

  • Assume your attendees are receiving minimal help from their Connector
    • Ideal onboarding occurs when a Connector spends 4-6 weeks helping their new person learn the system, building a relationship with them and helping them meet relevant others in the CC.
    • Our experience tells us that (more often than we would like), new members do not receive adequate help from their Connectors.
    • Part of your job is to point people in the right direction assuming their Connectors has not done so. If their Connector is doing a brilliant job, you will be able to add great reinforcement!
    • When you conduct Workshop-02, your attendees should have only completed W-01 (Welcome and Orientation).
      • Typically after attending W-01, your attendees will be excited and impressed by what we offer.
      • On the other hand, they will still be trying to make a decision about whether or not they should take network-building seriously, given all the other things on their already overcrowded plates!
      • Therefore, it’s important to reinforce the following:
        • The incredible benefits that come from pro-actively building an exponentially growing network with a group of other like-minded collaborators
        • The fact that we all have to fight the urgent to allow time for the important
        • They need to be patient – results will mostly come indirectly rather than directly (after they have built trust with others)
        • Building a network is likely to make possible a great deal more than the original reason they started to build their network
    • Make sure you
    • Emphasise re-listening to the Podcast for Workshop-02
    • Ask your attendees how they are going with listening to the Podcasts
      • By now they should have learned (from their Connector or in W-01) how to put the Builders menu on the home screen of their phone
    • Ask your attendees to open their Activity workbook (accessible from the Builders menu) and record any questions, notes etc. from this session
  • Leave enough time for the Quizzes
    • The Quizzes are highly effective as they really help trigger penny-drop moments for key points
  • Emphasise the benefits they will receive from doing their homework
    • The message is: you never have to recover from a good start – it’s worth prioritising the effort so that you understand everything else that’s coming
    • Homework: Re-Listen to the Podcast for Workshop-02
    • Homework: Revisit this workshop (accessible the Workshop grid in the Builders menu) ask your Connector questions if you are unclear on anything
    • Homework: Prepare for Workshop-03 (Who do you know?) by Listening to the Podcast for W-03
  • Be aware of what workshops you are facilitating and when
    • Click Here to see when you are scheduled to present Workshop-02 (Who do you know)
    • If you can’t attend at this time, find someone to take your place
    • Put an entry in your calendar as a reminder when you are facilitating
    • The system should send out an email reminding you the week before you are due to facilitate

Detailed Notes for Workshop-02

If you are facilitating this workshop, it’s great to demonstrate to your workshop participants how to access Workshop 02 from the Workshop grid in the Builders Menu.

When you choose Workshop 02 from the Workshop grid, the following will be displayed:

Even though your participants may know how to operate a mind map, it would be good to give a brief how-to recap.

It’s easy to operate the mind map. However, it is very important for everyone to know how to do it and where they can go in case they forget!

It’s important to encourage members to listen to the Workshop podcasts on their phones.

After you have Zoomed out to the max, you will see the 9 topics that make up this workshop, as shown in the following screenshot:

Now click and drag (anywhere on the canvas) until you have moved to Topic 1 (T1) and then Zoom in by repeatedly pressing CTRL-plus (or Right-Click and move the magnifying glass symbol upwards).

A screen similar to the following will then be displayed:

Workshop 2 is comprised of the following 9 Topics:

Topic 1 – Workshop 1 review

Topic 2 – What are YOUR END Goals & your YES BUTs?

Topic 3 – What’s your network worth?

Topic 4 – What’s your MRR?

Topic 5 – Why build your network asset in advance?

Topic 6 – Network first, ideas second

Topic 7 – How should you invest the time you allocate to network building?

Topic 8 – Mini-habits (Easy to do, easy not to do)

Topic 9 – Prepare for Workshop 3

There is quite a bit to cover so as the facilitator, you will need to whip around the mind map fairly quickly – especially as you want to leave time for the Quiz and interaction with your attendees at the end. 

This means you will need to control questions fairly well.

As the facilitator of workshop 2, your job is to show the participants what is available and strongly encourage them to go through it all as part of their “homework”. 

There is no way you can cover all the content in-depth. However, be sure to cover everything and emphasise the importance of some aspects that they may otherwise overlook.