The Builders menu is your go-to place to access everything the CC provides.

The Builders Menu options are divided into the following groups.

  • Membership
  • Syllabus
  • Meetings
  • Podcasts
  • Your Activity

It’s essential to explore these options in your own time. However, we will give you a quick overview of some Builders Menu options now.

The Membership options include

  • Register or rejoin
    • These are the options that you will access when you are onboarding a new member or rejoining a member who has been taking a break. If someone has been in the CC previously, you must use the rejoin option rather than the register option. That way, the rejoining member can access any previous personal information. By default, a rejoining member will be connected with the person who was previously coaching them. However, this can easily be changed by Admin if the rejoining member wants a different Connector.
  • Update your profile
    • When you initially register in the system, provided you have the CC version of the MyMostTrusted Chrome extension installed and activated, and you are logged into LinkedIn, your default values will be automatically copied from your LinkedIn profile.
    • The update option of the Builder’s menu allows you to update those details.
  • View your invoices
    • This is important for accounting and tax. You can print an invoice or download it as a PDF.
  • Update your payment details
    • This option allows you to update your credit card details.
    • If, for any reason, your monthly subscription payment is unable to be processed, you will be notified by the system. The system will try again in 7 days, and you will again be notified if your payment fails. After that, the system would try again in another 7 days and notify you if there was a problem. Finally, the system will cancel your membership after 21 days if it cannot process your payment.
    • If, for any reason, your subscription is cancelled, use the rejoin option to restart with the CC.
  • Cancel your membership
    • We have no upfront lock-in contracts. A such, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We only want you on board if it works for you to be on board!

There is a great deal of information contained in the Syllabus

It’s ideal if you can go through this information step by step with your connector. However, the most significant benefit of doing this is the relationship you build with your Connector and the facilitated introductions they can make for you with others in the CC.

There is a full version of the syllabus, which you could walk through from one end to the other. However, we recommend you work through our Fast Track syllabus so that you can start taking network-building action as soon as possible. Typically the rest of the information you need will unfold as you need it.

Our Zoom meetings drive everything.

If you want to find out what meetings are on, access the “What’s On” option of the Builders menu.

One of the great benefits of this calendar is that the event times are shown in the timezone you logged in. You can see for which time zone the events are displayed from the bottom line of the calendar.

Our Weekly workshops are our most essential Core meetings.

Here are a few things to note about our weekly workshops

  • All workshops contain a breakout section to introduce new members
    • When you find someone keen to build their network, you can book them in for this session using our Calendly booking system accessible through the “Book guests into a CC Intro” option of the Builders menu. You’ll see this under the “Your Activity” group of options
  • All workshops commence with what we call “a magic waiting room”. As you join the meeting, you will be assigned to a group where you can meet and hear from others in that group. Typically this lasts for about 15 minutes, after which the meeting host return everybody to the main room.
  • The format for the first workshop of the month is networking breakouts
    • In the first meeting of the month, Zoom will randomly assign you to a small group of others. These sessions last for about 40 minutes, so there is plenty of time to connect with everyone else and learn what they do.
  • The format for the other workshops of the month is what we call “Small Learning Groups.”

For all workshops apart from the first of the month, you choose the workshop you should attend.

Start with workshop number 1, and each week progress to the next workshop until you reach Workshop number 5.

Here is a brief overview of workshops 1 to 5.

  • Workshop 1 is Welcome and Orientation
  • Workshop 2 is simply titled “Why”. This workshop helps you better understand the value of building your network. Don’t skip this one. It’s pretty eye-opening, and you must know what your new team members will learn when they attend this workshop.
  • Workshop 3 helps you think about who you know that may be interested in building their relationship based network as part of your team, using the CC system.
  • Workshop 4 explains the process we have developed to help you quickly find great network-building partners.
  • Workshop 5 explains how to find great network-building candidates on LinkedIn using the MyMostTrusted Chrome extension.

Once you have completed Workshop 5, we have Workshops 5a & 5b designed to help you overcome any obstacles and become more efficient and effective with the process.

Workshop 5a is appropriately named “Help”, and Workshop 5b is called “Let’s Play”.

You can hang around workshops 5a & 5b as much as you like to learn how to get better results and interact with others to learn great hints and tips or simply resolve any problems you may have.

Workshop 6 addresses one of the biggest challenges that most people face: learning how to form consistent habits. Yet, intuitively most people realise this is one of the most significant barriers to achieving the success they desire. 

Experiencing workshop six may help you or your team members become more consistent in network building as well as other activities that are important to them.

Workshop 7 is about onboarding new members into your team. There is a lot to cover, so we have broken this workshop into 4 sessions. Each week, the facilitator of this session will give a quick overview of the process and then focus on one of the sessions. The focus session for the week will be included in the name of this Zoom breakout session—for example, W07 dash Session 1.

Workshop 8 is designed to help you improve your team building and leadership skills. Again there is a lot to cover, so this workshop has 4 sessions. Each week the focus will be on a different session.

Most people struggle with how best to invest their time. 

Workshop 9 helps you work out how best to allocate the time you have set aside to build your network.

We all want to figure out how to be most productive. 

Workshop 10 covers tools and tips that will help you become more effective. This is invaluable. Just imagine if what you (or your team members) learned in this one workshop saved you time in all your other endeavours. It’s possible that this could save you more time than the entire time you invest in network-building.

Workshop 11 is called Professional and Personal Development.

This is one of our most popular workshops. 

Each week we have an expert in their field delivering inspiring information and hints and tips that will help you in a wide variety of areas.

There is a great deal of excellent information contained in the Workshop Content.

Often you will want to quickly find something you came across in one of the workshops.

You can easily do this using the workshop SEARCH function. You’ll find this search bar located at the top of the Workshop grid.

You’ll find this function fast, powerful and easy to use. As you start typing, a list of possible results is displayed.

For example, if you wanted to access the details on setting up or using the MyMostTrusted Chrome extension, you could simply type those words into the search bar.

The search bar is so good! Make sure to try it out.

Another very popular and effective meeting is the Results Accelerator.

At a Results Accelerator meeting, a trusted and consistent contributor gives a presentation covering their background and an overview of their business.

At the end of each RA, the participants brainstorm about who they know who may be a good connection for the person who has just presented. Typically a great deal of advocacy is generated through these meetings.

We currently have 2 of these Results Accelerator meetings every week.

In most cases, the same presenter delivers their presentation at both meetings, thus gaining the broadest exposure to CC members and their contacts.

Our Special Interest groups are also very popular.

These special interest meetings are suggested and run by CC members.

The CC advertises these meetings on the What’s On calendar.

The idea of these SIGs is that CC members associated with a particular industry may help one another.

A good example is the Tech Enablement Group.

This group exists to help business owners achieve more through Technology.

The participants in this group learn about businesses that could use the services of members of this group.

Our Podcasts are invaluable.

We have 4 types of Podcasts.

(1) A Podcast of all the written material contained in each workshop. An example of this is the podcast you are listening to right now.

(2) A Podcast of all the written material contained in each of our Syllabus topics.

(3) A Podcast of “Our Classics”. This is a curated playlist of great TED talks, articles and other talks from various sources. These talks are typically inspiring, enjoyable, paradigm-shifting, and informative.

(4) Special interest Podcasts. For example, we have a Podcast of talks around how to best allocate, manage and multiply your time.

One of the most popular tools accessible from the Builders menu is the Collaborators+ Workbook.

Among other things, this Google spreadsheet gives you the ability to list and access the details for all other members of the CC. A great feature of this spreadsheet is the ability to search by name, industry, location, etc.

Our Syllabus provides a step by step process that you can follow during your weekly onboarding sessions with your Connector.

Not only will you learn a great deal, but these sessions will also help you build a relationship with your Connector, who will help you meet relevant others in the CC.