Common Questions

When you build a team of team-building advocates, you effectively become the leader of your team.

While some people relish the thought of being a leader, others are fearful that they will not be capable of leading a team.

In general, most things are accomplished by teams of people rather than by individuals acting alone.

If you are not confident about your leadership skills, the CC is an excellent place to gain confidence for the following reasons.

  • It is a very friendly environment, and many people in the CC will be willing to help you, particularly your Connector.
  • There are many great Podcasts that you can listen to that will help build your skills and confidence.
  • You will usually have more knowledge about the CC NBS than the members of your team. In other words, your team members are likely to have confidence in you and seek your help.
  • In the end, your goal is to find leaders because leaders are multipliers and want to build their own teams. If you find leaders who are more confident or want to build faster than you, happy days!

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions is, “How much time will it take?”

We are strongly committed to continually refining our systems and processes to reduce the amount of time it takes you to build an exponentially growing team.

Nevertheless, you must understand that you are investing a small amount of time so that you can greatly MULTIPLY your time. Rory Vaden brilliantly explains this concept in his TED talk titled “Multiply your time rather than just manage it”. You will find that talk in the Podcast for this workshop.

One very effective use of your time is to invite suitable candidates to experience the CC by attending the introduction session in our weekly Workshop. This means you can participate in other workshop sessions while your guest is attending the Intro session. They will fill out a short questionnaire at the end of the session, which will be immediately emailed to you.

We provide many other tools that can save you time in any endeavour. 

What if, as a result of your CC journey, you learn to save more time overall than you actually invest in building your network and still reap the enormous benefits resulting from building your network?

Some people are not comfortable reaching out to strangers using LinkedIn.

This fear is usually quickly overcome when you realise that the people you are reaching out to will immediately see your goal is to build trust and help others. In other words, you are not there to sell them anything. 

It should quickly become apparent to those you are reaching out to that you can provide them with an enormous amount of value because of the people you can introduce them to (once they have gained your trust). Even when you first join the CC, your connector can help your new members meet many others in the CC.