Welcome to Workshop 01!

The first topic in this workshop covers some valuable hints and tips that will help you get started.

All our meetings are conducted over Zoom with people from all parts of the world.

Zoom is rapidly becoming the new face-to-face, and as with any meeting, attention is the currency of relationship.

In other words, be present – multi-tasking & Zoom simply don’t mix!. Those you are interacting with know when you are only half present.

By all means, be relaxed, take notes and deal with the kids and other distractions. Everyone understands that. What doesn’t work is focusing on other projects and pretending you are paying attention.

Another great key to success is taking advantage of weekly onboarding sessions with your Connector. 

Although you may not initially realise it, your best chance of meeting relevant others in the CC is through your Connector.

During your onboarding sessions, your Connector will not only help you learn the system, but they will also build trust with you so that they can easily advocate you to others in their team and the wider CC.

It is vital to set up weekly meetings with your Connector to help you work through our Syllabus and, in the process, get to know you better.

Our workshops are designed to help you amplify what you learn as you progress through the Syllabus with your Connector.

Our Workshops have 2 formats.

In the first workshop of the month, we split everyone into small random groups to meet others in the CC and find out how to best advocate for one another.

For all workshops apart from the first of the month, you choose the workshop you want to attend.

Start with workshop number 1, and each week progress to the next workshop until you reach Workshop number 5.

Here is a brief overview of workshops 1 to 5.

  • Workshop 1 is Welcome and Orientation
  • Workshop 2 is simply titled “Why”. This workshop helps you better understand the value of building your network. Don’t skip this one. It’s pretty eye-opening, and you must know what your new team members will learn when they attend this workshop.
  • Workshop 3 helps you think about who you know that may be interested in building their relationship based network as part of your team, using the CC system.
  • Workshop 4 explains the process we have developed to help you quickly find great network-building partners.
  • Workshop 5 explains how to find great network-building candidates on LinkedIn using the MyMostTrusted Chrome extension.

Once you have completed Workshop 5, we have Workshops 5a & 5b designed to help you overcome any obstacles and become more efficient and effective with the process.

Workshop 5a is appropriately named “Help”, and Workshop 5b is called “Let’s Play”.

You can hang around workshops 5a & 5b as much as you like to learn how to get better results and interact with others to learn great hints and tips or simply resolve any problems you may have.

Workshop 6 addresses one of the biggest challenges that most people face – becoming consistent. Yet, intuitively most people realise this is one of the biggest barriers to achieving the success they desire. 

Experiencing workshop six may help you or your team members become more consistent in network building as well as other activities that are important to them.

Workshop 7 is about onboarding new members into your team. There is a lot to cover, so we have broken this workshop into 4 sessions. Each week, the facilitator of this session will give a quick overview of the process and then focus on one of the sessions. The focus session for the week will be included in the name of this Zoom breakout session—for example, W07 dash Session 1.

Workshop 8 is designed to help you improve your team building and leadership skills. Again there is a lot to cover, so this workshop has 4 sessions. Each week the focus will be on a different session.

Most people struggle with how best to invest their time. 

Workshop 9 helps you work out how best to allocate the time you have set aside to build your network.

We all want to figure out how to be most productive. Workshop 10 covers tools and tips that will help you become more productive. This is invaluable. Just imagine if what you (or your team members) learned in this one workshop saved you time in all your other endeavours. It’s possible that this could save you more time than the entire time you invest in network-building.

Workshop 11 is called Professional and Personal Development.

This is one of our most popular workshops. 

Each week we have an expert in their field delivering inspiring information and hints and tips that will help you in a wide variety of areas.

Where should you go when you have questions?

There is an enormous amount of content that you can access through the Builders menu.

If you have questions, the first place to go is the Search available in the Syllabus or the Search available in the Workshops.

If you can’t find what you are looking for there, ask your Connector during your weekly onboarding session or if it’s urgent, contact them immediately.

If your Connector is unable to help, as a last resort, send an email to admin@connectcollaborative.com. Notice that the domain for communications is .com, whereas the domain for the website is.net.

The following will clarify some Jargon you may come across.

  • NBS stands for Network Building System
    • The NBS includes all the meetings, mind maps, webpages, podcasts and videos the CC provides.
  • CC is an abbreviation for the Connect Collaborative
  • Your Connector is the person helping you learn the system and connect with other members of the CC
  • GNS stands for Good News Story. GNS is used as a message prefix in the Zoom chat in our weekly workshops.
  • SIG stands for Special Interest Group. These are industry groups led by members of the CC. For example, Consultants, IT enablement, Small Business, Employment.
  • RA stands for Results Accelerator weekly Zoom meetings.
  • Discovery Call. You usually conduct a Discovery Call on Zoom with someone you believe may be interested in building their relationship-based network. Your objective is to discover where they are at and potentially suggest they attend a CC Experience by attending one of our workshops as a guest.
  • CC Intro is an introduction to the CC conducted as a breakout session during our weekly workshops