Vincent Adrait

Hi, my name is Vincent Centre. I would like to give a big shootout to the connect collaborative. I have been a member for more than five years and it has been a real game changer for me.

Moving in Australia has been a huge step. And when I arrived, I didn’t know anyone. And I was working in a corporate business where I had nothing to buy all sales.

I struggled a lot to find an environment where I could build genuine relationship with other professional. I then came across the connect collaborative, and I learned how to build a network.

I learned to surround myself with other driving professional that are looking to build strong relationship and amazing life for themselves.

From there, I have been a able to develop my own business with the support of my network that I build over the years.

I am now in a position where I can help others to do the same. And thanks to the connect collaborative, I have all the support to do so.

The connect collaborative of an environment to learn how to build your own network. It gives you the ability to own your destiny and achieve your ago.
It isn’t a simple networking group. It is an experience for you to develop your own network alongside other people, doing the same.

If you are like me driving and committed, it’ll deliver amazing results. Thanks to your strong system and leadership. We keep you focused on what is really important.

The, the developing the idea of surrounding for yourself. As I say, I decide five years ago to take control of who I want to be with.

And I am now in control of who I want to become. I develop new skills and a, to of amazing relationship who benefits me, my customer, my network, and my life in general.

So simply thanks very much to.