U.S. Solar – is about to Explode!

Solar is about to explode in the USA, what is your opportunity?

The emergence of solar energy as a major player in the energy market represents a significant and transformative opportunity in the United States.

While countries like Australia have seen a significant uptake in solar energy, the U.S. market has yet to experience this level of penetration, with less than 3% of the 90 million+ eligible homes currently utilizing this resource.
However, this is rapidly changing.
The U.S. solar market is at a similar stage to where Australia was approximately 15 years ago, poised for a significant growth spurt.

Several factors contribute to this imminent solar boom.

One of the key incentives driving solar adoption in the U.S. is the U.S. commitment to the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit – in place till 2032.
This tax credit has enabled eligible homeowners to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes.
This provides a substantial incentive for homeowners to switch to solar, as it can significantly offset the initial investment required for solar installation OR even be cashflow positive from day 1, with 25-year payment plan options.

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, failing energy networks and the desire to be energy independent, the demand for clean, renewable energy sources is higher than ever before.

Electric vehicles require electricity for charging, and if this power can be generated from renewable sources like solar energy, it further reduces the carbon footprint of transportation.
With many states in the U.S. pushing for carbon neutrality, the adoption of electric vehicles and solar power are intrinsically linked.

Given the size of the U.S. market, the opportunity for growth and the implementation of solar systems is immense.

  • With a decade-long track record of success in the Australian market, our team is well-positioned to leverage our expertise and apply our proven strategies to this burgeoning market.
    We aim to establish fruitful partnerships, both within and outside of the U.S., to capitalize on this solar surge.
  • One of the unique aspects of this venture is that it not only caters to those directly involved in the solar industry, but it also presents networking and collaboration opportunities for businesses across various sectors.
    With the potential for recurring income based on involvement level, businesses can diversify their income streams while contributing to a sustainable future.
    It’s an opportunity to be part of an industry that’s not just profitable, but also environmentally responsible.
  • In essence, the upcoming solar explosion in the U.S. represents a multi-dimensional opportunity.
    It provides a chance to participate in a rapidly growing market, forge new business relationships, and promote sustainable practices, all while generating potential recurring income.

It’s worth discovering more about this opportunity (even if it doesn’t currently resonate with your interests). Many you know or meet will be interested; it’s such a great trust-builder when you can say: I know someone I think you’d really like to meet – I’ll set it up.

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