Learn how to connect with like-minded others

The secret to great opportunities?

We believe significantly better results can be achieved in most endeavours by building advocating Know Like & Trust relationships with like-minded others.

After all, opportunities usually come attached to other people don’t they?

It has never been easier to connect with people online and the following video explains why the secret to great opportunities lies in the people you haven’t yet met

Ok, but how do you quickly find go-givers with a mindset that aligns with yours and start building trust with them?

Searching and Filtering

You can save an enormous amount of time when you learn how to quickly identify a list of people on social media platforms (such as LinkedIn) who are likely to have the mindset and background that you’d like to connect with.

  • We provide powerful tools that make it easy to create a great filtered list of people

And why would people want to connect with you?

When your online profile makes it clear that you have built Know Like and Trust relationships with many other influential people, others will want to connect with you because they know have the ability to connect them with people that can help them achieve their objectives.

In other words, once they have gained your trust, you could advocate for them to many others. They will want to connect with you because of “Who you know rather than what you know”

  • Our Syllabus suggests ways to adjust your profile so that like-minded others will want to connect with you.

Taking the relationship beyond a mere digital connection

Most people have discovered that amassing yet more digital connections on platforms such as LinkedIn does little to build authentic, trusted business relationships.

Prior to COVID, most of us believed building a network of Know Like and Trust relationships required face to face meetings.

In fact, to the contrary, many of us have been pleasantly surprised to discover how effective and easy it is to build relationships using Video calls.

  • We help you to learn how to select the right people and how to offer them an initial video call with you; how to feel comfortable during such a call and what next steps to offer.

Learning how to build relationships with video calls is more valuable than most people realise.

Building your network is no longer an optional extra!
The post-COVID environment provides the opportunity to see things differently!
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