The 5 Golden Questions

You will be investing time with anyone you are helping to onboard.

So it’s very important you are sure you want to work with this person (or at least give them the benefit of the doubt)

There is no point in working with the unwilling!

Weave these questions (in your own words) into your initial Phone or Zoom interview.

It’s wise to ask these questions directly before onboarding.
Be prepared to suggest to your new person that you believe the timing may not be right for them if you have any doubts.

The 5 Golden Questions can really assist you in this regard.

● Do you feel you would be more successful (both as an individual and as a business) if you built a strong network? 

● Do you have an interest in building your network? 

● Would you be prepared to set aside some time each week to learn the skills of building a team of team building advocates on the one hand and leveraging commercial value from your network on the other? 

● Would you be prepared to dedicate some time each week to put what you have learned into practice by pro-actively reaching out to those you have not yet met via Social Media? 

● Are you prepared to invest some time each week interacting with and advocating for others?