Trouble Shooting


IF you are stuck DO NOT STRUGGLE ON ALONE! Ask what your next steps might be and collaborate.

Before reaching out to your coach or the Connect Collaborative Admin

When you have created a Boolean Search on LinkedIn, you could start examining the profiles of the people that come up in that search and send a “Connection Request”.
This could be done without leaving LinkedIn.

  • Go back through the Agenda tab of your Activity Sheet and read the syllabus document
  • Look through the topics below that have come up previously. You can scroll down or use the ‘find ‘ function – ctrl+f and enter a keyword in the pop up that will appear the top right of your Chrome browser right
  • Visit the Connect Collaborative Forums and see if someone has come across the same issue before (coming soon)

If you can’t find a solution, speak with your coach to collaborate on a solution. If you can’t find one then you can email with a detailed description and screenshots (if required).


Remember, do what you want your partners to duplicate. If everyone you are coaching calls you to solve their problems, before trying to resolve it by following these simple steps, will that work for you?


Things are just not working immediately after you did your first set-up

Carefully re-check your steps and make sure you have completed everything. It might take a little time but its important to do before reaching out

However, don’t struggle – ask for help!

The process has been working but has suddenly stopped working

(1) Check to see that your LinkedIn cookie is still valid

If you have set up Phantombuster correctly you should receive an email for each launch of your Phantombuster agent.
In that email, it will often give you a clue if something has gone wrong.
For example, it may have a message like” Linkedin Cookie no longer valid.

In this case, go into your Phantombuster console (press this link)

Click the 3 dots and then click “Get Cookie” as shown in the following screenshot

Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and press save

And all should be good!

(2) Check that you have not come to the end of your LinkedIn Search results

If when you run Phantombuster you see “empty line… skipping entry.” in the output, this is a good indication that Phantombuster has come to the end of your LinkedIn search URL (Note that you can also see this in the email that Phantombuster sends you when you have it set to run automatically and have email notifications set on see screenshot below)

What page are you up to in your Search?

Look over to the top right of your PBI sheet and see what page you are up to (see the following screenshot)

Could that be near the end of the last page of your LinkedIn Search?

If so, you need to do another Search and plug the URL for the new search into your PBI

You have just done a manual launch of Phantombuster and the extra results are not showing at the bottom of your PBO sheet

There is often a delay in the results generated by Phantombuster appearing in your spreadsheet (lost in space!)

You can easily force your spreadsheet to refresh as follows

Delete the formula in cell C1 in your PBO sheet as shown in the following screenshot

This will cause all your results to disappear

Now press the back arrow in the sheet (see the following screenshot) to undo that delete and all your results (including the new ones) will now be displayed

You select a group of profiles to be opened in your PBO but only one link opens

This usually means you have to change a setting in your Chrome web browser.

Click the 3-dots shown in the top right of your Chrome browser and then click “Settings” as shown in the screenshot above

Then type “pop-up” into the search bar and click “Site settings” as shown in the following screenshot

Slide the “Allowed” switch to the right and that’s it – you should now be able to open multiple profile links in your PBO