W05a – About

Workshop 05a – About


Many Workshop 5a attendees will last week have attended Workshop 5.

There is a lot to absorb in Workshop 5.

At the end of Workshop 5,  participants are encouraged to set up MyMostTrusted themselves (as part of their “homework”).

Although the documentation is good, there is a lot to do, and there may well be questions for you to deal with in this workshop (5a – Help).

So, it may be good to gather a group of people interested in getting going with MMT and help them “en masse”.

On the other hand, people in the Help session may be “stuck” with other things.

Part of your job will be to listen to what people have to say QUICKLY. If it sounds complex, ask them to fill in the details on THIS FORM.

That way we can get back to them and organise help for them. In the meantime, they can join one of the other break-out groups in progress.

If their problem sounds relatively straightforward, one of the “Helpers” in this session may be able to resolve it quickly.

Some people may join your group looking for help in doing a better job (better Boolean searches, better messaging, etc.).

Ask these people to join Workshop 5b instead.