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It’s simple but it’s not obvious

Everyone is telling us how important it is for us to build our networks but (until now) no one has been telling us how.

You don’t want to be the “lone wolf” when it comes to networking.

For example, have you struggled to make an impact in a physical networking environment?

Maybe you struggled to become known liked and trusted by creating business for others through referral only to find very little ever came back your way – you were the giver but rarely the receiver?

Or perhaps you persisted with the same old stale environment for years hoping it would improve?

Or maybe you never even attempted it because it all looked to confronting?

Or you may already have a great network of trusted relationships that you have built up over many years – people who would do ‘anything’ to help you if you asked and occasionally refer business to you (as you do for them). However, have they learned the habit of proactively advocating for you?

We provide a couple of important game-changers

  • An environment that encourages expansion with like-minded others
  • A simple step by step syllabus
    • Which ensures everyone is “on the same page”
    • Allows new people to on board easily
    • Demystifies the network building process (lots of great penny drop moments)
    • Provides great guides to advocacy (beyond referral) to ensure the focus is on creating results for others
    • A way to record and measure your results and identify areas of improvement

Our view is

If you are seeking outstanding results in business or your income-earning activities the best way to achieve those results will be to have a large (and increasing) number of people advocating for you.

But…..why would others want to advocate for you?

It’s tempting to think it’s because you are outstanding at what you do.

Unfortunately, experience shows that is not the case.

People advocate for you because you have deliberately built trust with them in an environment that encourages proactive advocacy and reciprocity.

As explained in the following video, it’s about having the vision and the patience to advocate first.

In other words, you advocate for others without expecting any direct return from the people you are advocating from.

Most of us naturally act out of self-interest so this is a difficult concept for most people to get their heads around.

However, if you want to achieve results beyond your wildest imagination, it is very important that you do get your head around this concept (that is if you don’t want to be stressed about where the next transaction or income producing activity is coming from 4 years from now).

You only need to try this advocate-first (with those you can genuinely advocate for) strategy to start to experience an avalanche of opportunities coming your way (especially if you are very easy to advocate for).

Building your network is no longer an optional extra!
The post-COVID environment provides the opportunity to see things differently!
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