We don’t know what we don’t know!

To achieve our End Goals, let’s open our minds to supplementary Means Goals.
– You can often make easily integrate a side hustle into your current processes.
– This can achieve an outstanding result for you and others.
– You just need to be willing to change your paradigm and be open to learning!

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Your Side Hustle

Do you have an idea for a Side Hustle?

Our Advice:

– Keep your day job

– Build your Network

– Avoid “acting in haste & repenting at leisure”!

Seek advice from successful CC entrepreneurs before you invest your precious funds and time.

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Your Online Meetings

Online meetings have become such an essential part of our business life.

– There are many different platforms (Zoom, Teams, Google, etc.)

– There’s a new kid on the block!

Why not use a better online meeting platform?

– One that has unique features is relatively inexpensive and, best of all..

– Promotes itself to others – making it easy for you to generate sticky recurring income.

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Your Productivity Hub

What If?

– You used and became excited about an inexpensive, powerful, integrated set of tools – as part of your network-building activities.

– You learned how to ask the right questions and refer relevant others to a productivity tools supplier you trust.

– You received a very substantial long-term sticky recurring income simply for making referrals that onboard.

In other words

– You don’t sell.

– You don’t supply.

– You do enjoy recurring income with virtually no recurring effort.

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Why Not Travel?

For most, travel represents an opportunity to

– Create memories, build relationships and share experiences – especially with family members.

– Escape the daily grind

– Refresh and plan the future

Learn about a unique subscription-based travel platform that

(1) Enables members to access incredible discounts and special deals on travel to a wide variety of destinations

(2) Enables members to develop a growing recurring income

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Business Power Tools

Proper Business Tools Enhance Efficiency and Consistency in Creating Plans, Policies, and Procedures. 

Here’s your customizable, brandable toolbox / dashboard to show business owners
a variety of projects you can fulfill for them

— and generate residual income for yourself!

– As businesses expand, these tools streamline the adaption process. 

– They foster accountability and can boost a company’s valuation during a sale. 

– Tools not only simplify plan creation but result in comprehensive outcomes, contributing significantly to success. 

– These tools embody Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom: “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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U.S. Solar – is about to Explode!

Solar energy is on the brink of a significant surge in the US, opening doors to a multitude of opportunities.

– With less than 3% of eligible homes harnessing solar power, the market is poised for massive growth, mirroring Australia’s solar expansion 15 years ago.

– Factors such as the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit, the rise of electric vehicles, and the push for carbon neutrality are driving this solar revolution.

This burgeoning market offers opportunities for business partnerships, recurring income and contributes to environmental sustainability.

– Even if solar doesn’t spark personal interest, it’s worth understanding and sharing this promising prospect.

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Network-Driven Tech Solutions

Unveil the Power of Network-Driven Tech Solutions with CC Tech Services Hub The “I Know a Guy” Principle: Building Networks, Creating Opportunities Welcome to the Connect Collaborative (CC). We operate on a simple yet effective mantra, the “I know a guy” principle. Our aim? To proactively expand networks and pinpoint

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