Set an appointment to meet at a Hub meeting; Don’t invite to an event

It really doesn’t serve any of us well to invite people to an event (Hub).

  • What works far better is to invite people to meet you personally at a specific time at an event (Hub).
  • Preferably this should be accompanied by a Calendar Invite.

This approach has the following advantages and works to support other builders who are bringing people to a  Hub meeting:

(1) People know they are coming to meet you (as if you were making a time to have a coffee with them in a cafe).
They know meeting you is the main purpose.
The main purpose is NOT to come to an event to hear a great speaker (and then you have to find them and try to start networking).

(2) Most importantly we will avoid most of the issues of multiple people inviting the same person to the same event.

In general, you would expect the person being invited to accept only 1 calendar invite for the same place and time – or let you know someone else has invited them (see below). We don’t want to have to have to discuss who should proceed with this person.

Here are some scripts that work well,


Excellent. These days I build my network around the best collaborative event I have found in <insert City>. It is held every <insert DAY> night.
If someone else has already invited you to connect live with them at this event, please ask them to introduce you to me.
I use these events mainly because they save me a lot of time, vs. having coffees all over the place, and have actually been producing much better results. They always have a great speaker and a great atmosphere with over <insert number> people. I go there every week, so I know all the regulars.

I’m happy to meet you there one Monday before the talks. Would next <DAY and DATE #1> Jan or the following <insert DAY and DATE #2> work for you?
I’ll be at both of those.


Perfect. The event are held at <insert address/location details>.
Let’s meet at <insert time> (mention a specific time to meet you – typically for a first meeting, no more than 15mins before the event starts) and if you ask the person at the registration desk (entry is only $10) they should be able point me out. Dress Code is smart casual.
I’ll also send a calendar invite for <insert DAY,  DATE and TIME> to the email on your profile in a moment to remind us both. Let me know if there is a more appropriate one to use.

Also, I have a close colleague <insert collaborator’s name> I’d like to introduce you to as I think could be a good contact for you. Looking forward to meeting you in person.


Ps, can you send me your mobile number in case we need to get in touch on the night. Mine is <insert your mobile number>