NBS – Sending Calendar Invites

Many of us live from our electronic calendars.
We just put an appointment in the diary (or accept one that has been emailed to us) and then forget about it until we review what’s in there for the coming week or the coming day.

When you have a lot of things on, this just helps to free-up your head-space.
Which means, for many, if it’s not in their electronic calendar, it will usually be forgotten.

Normally, you will already have sent a message to the person you are inviting to the Hub with the time, date and so on.

In that message it really pays to say something like:

“I’ll send you a calendar invite in a moment to remind us both.” (As always, choose your own wording.)


When setting up the Calendar invite, you could put people you are planning to introduce them to in the additional information section of the invite (see below).

If you are relatively new to the Hub, this could be your Coach (who may know more people than you to introduce them to).

The person you send the Calendar invite to will see this message and realise you have thought about them (you are not just inviting them to an event).

Introducing is not Advocating

One of your goals in introducing people to others is for them to see what is possible.
How good is it when we identify genuine potential business partners for them!
However, this does not mean you are advocating on their behalf – you have only just met them – you are simply introducing them to show them what is possible.
In time, when they start contributing, when we get to know, like and trust them, we can do more than just introduce them, then we will be keen to actually advocate for them.

Following is an excellent video with everything you need to know about Google Calendars.
Well worth the watch as there are some great hints and tips here.

Note: When you send a calendar invite to someone, they will receive an email where they can accept your invitation and it will put an entry in their calendar