ROI Network Building V’s Other Strategies for Getting Ahead

Your Cost

MBA: $30-40,000?

Network Building: less than $5000 over 3 years (see below)

Your Time Investment
MBA: 30-40 hours per week?
Network Building: less than 10 hours per week

Return on Investment

  • You are recognised by potential employers when you have the piece of paper.
  • How many others have an MBA that you are now competing with you for positions?
  • What is the potential additional income attributable to having the qualification?

Network Building:

  • 200+ (see below) KLT relationships with others actively engaged in Network Building
  • You advocate for many others; they advocate for you
  • You have facilitated many connections which have resulted in business or career advancement for many others
  • Such people are promoting you because you have earned their trust through the value you have facilitated for them
  • You have benefited from transactions completed during the 3 year period
  • You have learned valuable things by interacting with others
  • You have become aware of many interesting opportunities
  • You have seen many startups which have given you ideas about what you might do
  • You have created the network asset which can be applied to any endeavour you choose
  • You have learned about potential options for secondarily monetising the network you have built.

What is the size of your asset after 3 years?

MBA: ?

Network Building:

End of Year 1:

  • You have found 5 Network Building Partners
  • In total you now have 6 active network builders (including yourself)

End of Year 2:

  • You have found another 5 Network Building Partners
  • And each of your 5 partners have also found 5 partners (i.e. they have Duplicated)
  • In total you now have 36 active network builders

End of Year 3:

  • 12 months later, these 36 have duplicated to 216 active network builders

Note: The above figures assume a 90%+ attrition rate.
For example in year 1 it is assumed that you would bring 5+ (the goal is 10+) well-screened network builder candidates to the Hub every month (60 per year) and that of these only 5 will consistently engage in network building (less than 10%).