Results Accelerator Meetings

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Results Accelerators are

  • Highly collaborative and effective!
  • Fun
  • Friendly
  • Interactive
  • Inspiring

The format of this meeting is

  • We start the RA meeting by allowing any new attendees to briefly introduce themselves
  • This is followed by the RA facilitator asking participants to talk about any Good News Stories they have has during the week
  • These stories can relate to Network Building or Advocating for (or by) others in the CC
  • This isa followed by the main event: a trusted and consistent RA contributor gives a 20 minute presentation covering their background and an overview of their business.

At the end of each RA, the participants brainstorm about who they know who may be a good connection for the person who has just presented.
Typically a great deal of advocacy is generated through these meetings.

We currently have 2 of these Results Accelerator meetings every week.
In most cases, the same presenter delivers their presentation at both meetings, thus gaining the broadest exposure to CC members and their contacts.

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When you are brand new in the CC, you are on a steep learning curve and the last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed by all that is on offer.
However, we suggest you take the time to drop in on at least one RA so that you know what they are about.

When the time is right, consider becoming a regular participant

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