Referrals – Your key to Success!

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Knowing who to refer to is the key to Building Know Like and Trust relationships.

  • Let’s say you don’t currently own a business.
  • And you meet someone is looking to buy a property.
  • What if you introduced them to someone you trust who helps them acquire their ideal property – at the right price?
  • What if you found someone who wanted help with the website and digital marketing? And you introduced them to someone who helped them double their business – all at a good price?

But what will I get out of always being the one referring?
Will this be reciprocated?

The key difference: When you are operating in a culture where the main goal is to refer people, you will always end up being the person they refer to – if they know like and trust you (and why wouldn’t they when you have done the work to build that relationship).

So one of your first objectives is to find out what other people do. That way when you meet someone who mentions something in passing, you can say: I know someone I’d like to introduce you to.

How do you find out what the other key people do?

The following section contains a wealth of posts and a great search facility which will help you to find out which key collaborators you can confidently refer to and how they may be able to help someone you have introduced to our environment.