If you know more, you can achieve more

We find that there are common questions from those that attend Connect Collaborative meetings and we’ve tried to answer some of them here. If you have further questions, please email us at admin@connectcollaborative.com

Who organises the Connect Collaborative?

The Connect Collaborative is organised by a network of volunteers who believe that building strong and trusted networks are the key to achieving your goals. It is an open platform for all individuals and any business industries, and as such is not connected to and does not promote any one person or business.

For more information go to ‘Who Are We?

Who should I bring when I attend a meeting?

Your intention when inviting people to a meeting is to add value to the people you value. We assume that if you know someone and are happy to speak to them generally, they hold some value, however small, for you in your life.

While there may be opportunities to build a client base or referral relationships with people in our safe environment, the philosophy of building a network on this platform is to create a trusted network of collaborative advocacy. While those that you invite will always receive greater value if they attend, the value you can add is first and foremost in the invitation you offer.

We suggest that you invite everyone you know, to add value to them. The right people will, in turn, look to add value and promote you to their greater network for your business, or further pursuits and may even collaborate with you on your goals.

How do I become a speaker?

We select speakers who have an authentic level of practical success, in business and other aspects of life like health, relationships, thinking etc. These speakers are volunteers selected from the core network of COLLABORATORS who have invested time, energy and trust in relationships within the Connect Collaborative, as they build their own network. Our speakers are highly regarded not only as entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals or employees but also as people.

Can I talk to other people I haven’t invited to the event?

Absolutley! First though, we would want you to recognise that because we are an invitation-only platform, there is always a Primary relationship at play. Meaning, others in attendance are also the guests of others. Being respectful of other people’s relationships protects everyone.

We encourage deliberate and appropriate connection and conversations with others, especially when an introduction is made on your behalf.

While you may organically meet people at a function you have been invited to and feel there are opportunities to take that conversation off-site to further investigate, we strongly suggest you speak to the contact who you are connected to before doing so. This means your reputation is protected and you can best demonstrate you are a ‘Go-giver’ willing to invest in relationships, rather than just transactions as a ‘networking vampire’.

For more information go to “How Do I Meet People?