NBS – Purchase or Renew Linked Helper License

After your install Linked Helper 14-day free trial has expired, you need to purchase a license to continue using it.
We recommend purchasing a one year license as it is substantially cheaper than monthly.
When your license expires (after a year), you’ll need to purchase another license to keep yourself up and running.

Purchasing a license with the Connect Collaborative discount (also applies if you are renewing).

Simply fill in the following form

Note: If the above doesn’t display properly, try this link instead.

Important: Enter “Connect Collaborative” in the Additional Notes Section

You will then receive an email from Linked Helper asking you to view and pay (as shown in the following screenshot)

After making payment, you will receive an email (similar to the following) advising you have a new license

To get to “My Account” in Linked Helper use the following steps:

Important Notes

  • In “My Account” if you have not yet created an account, do so, using the email you used above
  • Remember to write down your password so that you can find it in future
  • Note that your Linked Helper account is separate from LinkedIn
  • You can log into your Linked Helper account on any LinkedIn account
  • If you have just purchased a license to renew, you should already have a Linked Helper account
  • In that case, you can just log in to your Liked Help account if you are not already logged in

If you just purchased a Linked Help license, it will be attached to the email you used to purchase it (see steps above).
When you create an account or log in with that email, you’ll see your license displayed.
The license will most likely be attached to “This” installation (meaning the Chrome Profile you are currently logged in as).
If not, (you are logged into a different Chrome profile so you can transfer your license from one Chrome profile to another), click “Attach to Installation”

Ok, now you are up and running and can continue using Linked Helper

If you have any problems, speak with your Coach.
We get tremendous support from Linked Helper. So far they have been able to fix any problems that have arisen!