NBS – The second One-On-One

Involve your Coach

If you have little or no experience in moving people forward in the second one-on-one or you feel you need the help of your coach

Ask your coach if they can participate (it’s all about us helping each other)

They can run it while you watch and learn OR
You run it and have your coach (or another experienced builder) sit in for back-up

What’s Your Objective?

If people have made it to this meeting, they are probably ready to get going.
Expect to book a phone call (or Zoom session) for a 45-minute get start.
Especially so that they can attend the Workshop (which is typically a huge eye-opener for them.

Thoughts for you as an emerging coach and leader

Ok, now you are meeting with someone who has viewed Video-2 and is keen to consider getting serious about building their network using a systemised approach.

They simply need to be willing to spend a small amount of time putting fingers to keyboard to bring people to the Hub every week.
In the process, like you, they will learn many new skills – skills they can also apply to what they are currently doing!

They may have some more questions.
It’s also great to ask them some questions about their background and what they are looking for – this helps you to keep building the relationship.

Ideally, you are looking for someone who understands the need to set up a large network so that 4 years from now they won’t need to be as concerned about continually chasing the dollar.

In other words, they will feel more secure and will have more time to spend on non-income producing activities and will be making more money – the predictable results of building a network.

At the other end of the scale, you may have someone who is hoping they can build a sufficiently large network in a few months to solve a particular financial issue. In other words, they are starting from a more desperate viewpoint.

In this case, you will need to help them understand that what we are doing is not an immediate quick fix but something they should put a small amount of effort into so they can set up a better medium-term future.

It’s important to ask questions again that help them to verbalise the reasons why they need/want to build a network

I’ve been thinking about what you said last time we met.
You know when you were talking about why you want to build a big network?

It’s so true – just thinking about what you said made me think about all the people I know in the network who could easily contribute and help you achieve your goals.

The key, of course, is to earn the trust of the other collaborators.
Once you have done that, the flood-gates open!

Make sure they are seeing the Big Picture

What is possible when they get personal scale (give examples) and how the system predictably ensures that huge personal scale will happen over the next few years if they are prepared to constantly put ‘fingers to keyboard’

Look back over the notes for your first one-on-one meeting as see if there are points there that you didn’t get time to cover and would be perfect to do so now that they have watched Video-2. For example, describing how the system works.

Often it is a matter of agreeing with the benefits they see in building a network and then working on expanding their vision of what is actually possible.

It’s not enough for your new person to be excited (as we say, get over being excited by the excited). In order for them to stay committed to the process, it’s important that they see the value and get into the Habit of consistency.


Good Question

If you had a network of 100 or more people advocating for you, would it be fair to say that transactions for your xyz business would be the last of your concerns?

In fact, would it be fair to say, with that sized network, you could probably look at other scalable options as well?

  • Can you really see a very large number of people advocating network builders in 4 years?
  • I’ve got to be honest and say that I still find it hard to imagine hundreds of people advocating for me 3 or 4 years from now!
  • However, with the system, we have in place and the small amount of consistent effort required, I find it quite easy to imagine 10 network builders advocating for me 12 months from now
  • And I can also imagine those people doing the same…. advocating for 10 others
  • So when you realise the potential for exponential growth it really isn’t hard to imagine achieving massive results is it?

So when I imagine 10 people systematically putting fingers to keyboards a few hours a week
and each of them also finding 10 who do the same
I can more easily see how a very large number of advocates would come about in 4 years – how about you?

More thoughts for you as an emerging Coach

Most people only focus on what they are currently doing because it puts bread on the table and it’s what they habitually think about.

However, there is little doubt that most people will still be worried about putting bread on the table in 4 years if they continue doing what they are doing.
They will just be 4 years older and not much further ahead. True?

So our job is to agree that network building can help what they are currently doing.
However, it can also do so much more…..

Explain the NBS

You are about to set up a 45-minute session to get them started on the NBS.
So naturally, the person you are speaking with will want to know what’s involved.

It’s good to lead into this with the following conversation which was also covered in the notes for your first one-on-one.
If you have already covered these points, it’s good to recap in a summarised way

Your conversation could go something like this

  • In most networking environments people only invite people they have already met
  • We also invite people we have conversed with on LinkedIn but have not yet met in person
    • Our goal is to help these people meet others who may be great contacts for them and
    • To see if they are interested in building relationships before focusing on transactions
    • Before arriving, our guests know we have nothing to sell them
    • We are there to help them meet others and show how we uniquely build networks
    • We are doing them a favour because just amassing more digital connections usually does not result in Know Like & Trust relationships
  • We have a systemised process which we call the NBS (which stands for Network Building System)
    • The NBS makes it easy to bring 2 new people along to the Hub every week
  • In the early days when we did things manually, it took more than 2 hours of ‘fingers to keyboard’ per day to have 2 people attend the Hub each week.
    • Thanks to the NBS, the time has been reduced to around half an hour a day.
  • All the people attending the NBS are on at least a trial of the NBS

So let me briefly explain what is included in the NBS

  • Following this meeting, the next step would be for us to have a 45-minute phone call or Zoom session to you started by taking a trial of the NBS
  • During that session, we will take you for a quick tour around the Builders menu in connectcollaborative.net
  • Also using one of the options in the Builders menu you will be able to download an Activity Sheet which quite an incredible tool in its own right
    • Your Activity Sheet provides many great functions. In particular, recording your activity helps your coach to pinpoint where improvements can be made
  • Through the Builders menu, you will also have access to the Fellow Collaborators workbook
    • This gives you access to the contact details and an overview of what other people on the NBS do
    • As you will see the Fellow Collaborators workbook is already large and growing exponentially
    • You’ll have the opportunity to meet many of these people at the Workshop
      • One of the greatest advantages of these workshops is that you can meet other key collaborators, learn more about them and how you can best advocate for them
      • And how in turn they can best advocate for you
      • You can also take advantage of the advanced network building and leadership topics that are presented at these workshops
  • By the way, I’m really excited about introducing to ____ at the Workshop
  • Then, through the Builders menu, there is access to what we call the NBS Syllabus
    • This is very exciting because the Syllabus is something you and your coach work through and “live together” each week
    • I have found the weekly coaching sessions that come with the NBS is invaluable and I look forward to doing my best to coach you
    • Some of the things that the NBS Syllabus covers in detail are
      • Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is aligned with being a network building go-giver
      • Learning how to construct Boolean searches to identify lists of people who are great candidates for network building
      • Learning how to construct personalised message snippets which form the basis of LinkedIn conversations and save you many hours of work
      • Tracking the results of our Activity using the Activity sheet
      • How to find and use the hundreds of great talks that are part of the NBS
      • Learning how to work with your coach to connect with the most relevant other collaborators
      • Learning how to automate processes so that you make the best possible use of your time
    • The first 6-8 weeks are typically centred around the basic set-up and process that makes it easy to build your network
      • After that, our coaching sessions are around how you can help others you have introduced and
      • How we can you make faster progress toward the things you’re keen to achieve

Show Them the NBS Syllabus

On your phone or laptop

Give them a glance of the Syllabus menu and perhaps one of your favourite content pages from it

Ok so that you can attend the Workshop next week, how about we book a 45-minute get start session to get you started?

  • Basically, that will start you on a trial of the NBS program
  • The NBS trial is free for a month and after that, it is only $85 per month and Workshops are free
    • From my experience, the cost is absolutely minor compared with what it would cost to build and market ‘brand me’ by any other means
    • Workshops are free, and the coaching is done voluntarily by the collaborators on the NBS.
  • The NBS trial is brilliant because it gives you the chance to experience the value of the Workshops, the NBS syllabus and tools, the weekly coaching sessions and the community.
  • Rather than me trying to explain it all to you, it’s just easier for you to experience it – especially when there is no cost for the first 30 days.
  • It is important to check out HOW the NBS makes possible such incredible network building results
  • If at the end of the trial period or at any time for that matter, if you need to discontinue it is very easy to do so at the click of a button.
  • Most people benefit so much from participating in Network Building through the NBS that quitting is the last thing on their mind!

Well, I’m not sure…..(YES BUT)

Most people are great at making decisions and commitments – NOT!

This is where you need to realise that you need to give them a “nudge” for their benefit

It’s easy to visualise what they are evaluating!

Businessman In Cost Benefit Balance Concept
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  • They know they need to build a network if they want to get ahead
  • Anything else they do (such as an MBA or other studies) would probably require a lot more time and money (and possibly less benefit)
  • How much benefit for how much cost?
  • They can’t get what they want doing nothing and paying nothing!
  • This is the safest, least cost (time & money) likely to produce the largest leveraged (time & money) result

If not this then what?

This is a generic foundation that will assist any venture they choose

What else could be less risky, less costly for a better predictable outcome?

Everything they read everywhere tells them they need a network!

Make the decision to take a trial a small one

Taking a trial is not a big deal
You are not locked in
As we move through the trial I’ll show you some ways to easily solve address your (whatever Yes But problems they have expressed)

I am happy to commit to coaching you in network building
Just as I am benefiting enormously from the coaching I am receiving

I only have 2 conditions:

First, I want only want to help people who believe building a network is important
And from what you’ve been saying, I know you see network building as being vital to getting ahead – right?

Second, I can only work with people who are prepared to acquire a solutions-based attitude rather than a problem-based attitude
Does that sound like you? You know – where there’s a will there’s a way? When it’s important enough I’ll find a way to make it work….

Book the next step – a 45-minute phone call to get them started on a trial of the NBS

  • Book a 45-minute get-start phone or Zoom call
    • Ask them if they have the Chrome Web Browser
    • Ask them to have their computer handy during the call
    • Also, ask them to have their credit card handy
      • Explain that they will need to enter the credit card but it won’t be charged for the 30 days of the trial and
        • They are not locked in – it’s easy to cancel but you are sure they won’t want to!
  • Make sure you always sing the praises of your coach – especially if they will be on the get-start call with you

What are your objectives?

  • Your main objective is to move people forward fairly quickly to the point where you can determine how important network building is to them
  • Multiple attendances at the Hub may help
    • However, you typically won’t be able to spend much time with them as you should be busy with other new people
    • You are willing to meet with those who (as a minimum) want to know about how building a network could benefit them
    • If they are not prepared to take this step, focus on others who are.
  • Above all, you want to convey to them the purpose of the Workshop so that they understand that is where they will get the most value.
    • At least that way they understand the purpose of our meetings and will not be expecting the Hub to fulfil a purpose for which is what not designed.