NBS – Text Blaze

Why would I want to use Text Blaze?

Text Blaze is a ‘text expander’ which is much more efficient than ‘copy and paste’.

Instead of using Text Blaze, you could do the same thing by copying and pasting from a document where you have this message stored, e.g. Google Documents. This is a great starting place and useful when you are working with your coach to edit. It is also useful when you are using your mobile, however, you (and most importantly those who are duplicating what you do) will find using Text Blaze snippets faster and easier in your workflow when you are sending a lot of messages – you will find it is more than worth the small amount of time taken to set up Text Blaze Snippets.


You could also use another extension, but remember duplication is the key and documentation like this will enable you to be effective when you are enabling others.

Even when you use Text Blaze, you can still over-type any part of the message to personalise it for the person you are sending it to. Remember you have to be authentic and communicate like a real person and not a robot. If you are responding to a person’s message to you, then consider what they are saying and actually respond accordingly. The whole objective of connecting to someone is to have a brief conversation, not whip them through an automated sales process.

Your messages should reflect who you are and your intention to meet and build a genuine relationship, so come up with your own authentic snippets (especially for the Connection request message) so that we are not all sending out the same message. Make sure you are running each message past your Coach to get it right from the start, rather than after you’ve sent out a multitude of messages that make you sound like a creepy salesperson. Better to ask first and confirm you are on track, then ask afterwards and be wrong.

Following is how to upload the Chrome extension to your computer:

Step 1 – Install the Text Blaze extension for your Chrome browser

When you type “Text Blaze” into your Google search bar the following will be displayed:

When you click on either of these, a screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Click ‘’Go to Dashboard’ and sign up (if your chrome browser is open using your Gmail / Google account, then you can ‘Sign-up with Google’. The following Text Blaze icon will then be displayed to the right of the address browser:


When you create an account, you can use it across any number of Chrome profiles, and laptops/ PCs and all your messaging will be the same – so you only have to do it once!

Step 2 – Set up

When you click the icon, a screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Click ‘Go to Dashboard’ and it will open a new tab in your current Chrome browser and a screen similar to the following will be displayed:

At the top left, click the text ‘Text Blaze‘ and it will take you to the ‘Welcome to Text Blaze’ starting page where you can follow the instructions and add text to see Text Blaze in action. If you left-click on the ‘My Sample Snippets’ you will find a series of sample snippets that you go through and examine for your own snippets:

Step 2 – Create Snippet Group

You can edit the ‘My Sample Snippets’ group name by left-clicking the folder name or create a new ‘LinkedIn’ snippet group by clicking the ‘Create a new snippet group’ icon to the top left of the screen:

Note: If you wish to delete all of the demo folder snippets in one go, simply click on the ‘My Sample Snippets’ folder and click the ‘bin’ symbol at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3 – Create Snippets

You can either edit the existing demo snippets or create an entirely new snippet by clicking the ‘plus’ sign at the top left of the screen and a ‘New Snippet’ will appear:

Some important things you will need to be aware of when creating your new snippet are:

  1. Using the forward-slash ( / ) will differentiate the shortcut you assign to each snippet from any text you may be typing and avoid the snippet being inserted when you don’t want it to be. There is no keyboard combination (e.g. shift+N) required, simply type the snippet shortcut, and the text will be inserted.
  2. The snippet shortcut must be unique and must not conflict with other snippet shortcuts. The way this works is a bit quirky, so we suggest using /01, /02, …./10, etc. for commonly used snippets.
  3. In order for the message to be formatted correctly when you use a snippet in LinkedIn, you must remove the rich formatting. This is the final thing you do when you set up your message body in Textblaze. When you have completed each message, select all text (ctrl+a) and highlight the entire message and then press Tx as shown in the following screenshot.


The standard version only allows 10 snippet messages

Step 4 – Command References

In the body of the snippet, you can add ‘Command References’ which will do a number of different things. We suggest you look through these and find ones that work for you. You can find them under the ‘Docs’ tab at the top and it will take you to this page:

For a quick guide to each command, click the links on the left. One we recommend is the {cursor} command (available in the free version of TextBlaze. When your snippet is inserted, the cursor then automatically moves to the location in the body of the text where you can immediately start typing text.

For example, the following allows your cursor to automatically jump back to the top and enter the person’s name:

Note: Some of the other commands are only able to be used as part of the ‘Pro’ version (approximately $30 per year subscription). While it is definitely not required, it may be worthwhile using for things such as {formtext} which allows you to enter variables like two potential dates to meet:


When using the command references, you will notice when they are highlighted in blue/green they have been entered correctly, while the ones in red are incorrect.

Step 5 – Questions

If in doubt, and rather than immediately calling your coach (or worse putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket’), our suggestion is to go to the Docs tab and look up ‘Common questions’ or click on the ‘Community’ tab as you will find many posts and questions that may easily answer yours: