NBS – Send Connection Requests using Linked Helper

Now you can automatically invite the people you have collected to a Linked Helper list to connect with you using the following steps:

Click on ‘Invite’

The screen like the one below will appear.

Before starting to invite it is important to review your ‘Timeout Settings’ (see screenshot above)

Timeout settings have been added to simulate personal action, and so making this automation real and less likely to cause issues with LinkedIn usage algorithms.

After clicking on Timeout Settings, the following screen will appear

The following screen appears

Using this screen you can set your own time periods between actions .. as the automated profile inviter goes through the steps.

This screen shows the ‘SAFE and FAST TIMEOUTS’ provided by Linked Helper.

SAFE is way too slow – LinkedIn algorithms will detect you are on for too long!
FAST will definitely get you in to trouble!

Somewhere in between is a good mix.
For example:

By selecting ‘Type (Write) Message’ from the drop-down at the bottom …

.. the message is ‘typed’ for each message – this is slower, however provides more authenticity in relation to the LinkedIn system algorithms

Click to ‘Save’ your settings.

You will be returned to the ‘Invite’ screen

Set the Number of Invites per period

Limit your invites per 24 hour period to avoid being restricted by LinkedIn

Being restricted by LinkedIn’s algorithms is painful (to say the least). This is covered more in the ‘LinkedIn Jail’ section
To avoid being restricted follow the following guildlines

  • The number of invites for a 24 hour period should initially be quite low (around 20)
  • This can be gradually increased (at the rate of 2 per week) with an absolute maximum of 40
  • Invite 5 out of 7 days of the week
  • As long as it looks reasonable for human behaviour, you won’t get detected.

The program will not let you go past the limits you have defined (eg 30 in 24 hours)

Doing 30 profile invites will take at least half an hour to an hour – or more if you have selected ‘SAFE’ timeout settings

Run Profiles inviting in a Separate Maximised window

Run Profiles inviting in a separate maximised window
+ Make sure Your computer will not go to sleep after a period of inactivity

While profiles inviting is running, you may want to work in other tabs of your browser.
If you just go to another tab, the inviting process will pause.
Which means you need to pull the tab out so that it is a separate window.
Also, make sure your computer will no go to sleep after a period of inactivity (very common on laptops)
How to do both of these things is clearly explained in the following short video

** Hint **  If you have a computer whose power settings just refuse to play nice, try using ‘Caffeine’ as shown in the following screen shot:

How to schedule Profiles inviting to start at a set time

If you leave your computer running and don’t stop it, profiles inviting will automatically begin at the next scheduled period – so you could, in theory, do nothing at all for days and it would just automatically invite another ‘X’ number of profiles from the collection Inviting Queue.

Note: if you have set the “Hours between periods” (see screenshot above) to 24, Linked Helper will automatically kick off the profiles inviting process in 24 hours from the time that the last process ended. In other words, 24 hours will cause the start time to creep forward.

If you want Linked Helper to automatically kick off at the same time every day, you may need to set the “hours between periods” (see screenshot above) to say 23 hours.

You can specify the next scheduled start time as follows:

When you click the above, a pop-up window will displayed allowing you to specify the next starting date and time

Start Profiles Inviting

When you click the Start profiles inviting button

Linked Helper will start the process of inviting profiles from the “inviting queue”.
It’s a good idea to watch the first few of these just to see it looks OK – for example that you entered {firstname} correctly in your message.

To STOP the ‘profile inviting process’ then at any time Click on the ‘Stop profiles inviting’.

OK, you are off and running and pretty soon, this will all become “second nature”

The next step is to send a “Thanks for Connecting” message to those who do connect with you.
This is covered in an upcoming section.