Coaches Corner NBS – Registration

Registering for the NBS is easy and so worthwhile

(it’s also easy to cancel so you are not locked in):


2. CLICK login

A screen similar to the following will appear:

3. CLICK Register

The Registration page has a password: .. we don’t want someone new attempting to register before they know anything about the value of what we are doing.

The ‘fixed’ password is .. ccfingers (all lowercase)

4.     CLICK Enter

The following screen then appears ..

5. CLICK Select

The following screen appears ..

COMPLETE all the details as shown
Note: The best Username is simply your first and last name like: John Smith
This makes it easy to quickly identify you.

.. and continue ..

Note: The ‘Your Coach’ field requires the entry of your coaches email address.
The system will then find your coaches ID and display it.
Ensure you enter your coaches correct email address (the one they used to register on the NBS)

7.      CLICK Submit and Check Out

This completes the Registration Process.  
An email will be sent to the new registrant’s email confirming their membership.

You will also receive a welcome email from the Connect Collaborative in the next 24 hours.
This email contains some important information relevant for your first coaching session.


  • The Connect Collaborative website will now show the ‘Builders’ and ‘logout’ menu items
  • You can login with your email address or username
  • Please note down the password you used to register