Coaches Corner NBS – Registration and Menu Orientation


  • The following must be done in the Chrome Web Browser (make sure your new builder has the Chrome Web Browser installed prior to starting the get start procedure)
    • The Chrome Web browser requires a Google Account
    • Which means that if your new builder is using the Chrome Web Browser, their Activity sheet will be saved on the Google Drive associated with the Google Account that their Chrome browser is logged into

Avoid registering on a mobile phone because

  • The new builder’s Coach ID (you) is sometimes not correctly recorded in the system when using a mobile
    • Mobile phones often use a default browser other than Chrome
      • Which means the new Builder’s Activity sheet may not be correctly saved to their Google Drive
  • Bottom-line: Register using Chrome on a computer, not a phone.
    • Mobile phones and other browsers can be used to access the site after registration
    • It’s easy to set up a 45-minute phone call with a new Builder and get this all done properly rather than trying to rush the registration on a mobile – or leave it up to them to do themselves.

Remember to create an entry in the “Newbies” sheet

  • This can be accessed by menu option from the Builders menu
  • This will trigger the system to send an SMS reminding them about our Workshop

The following registration information can also be sent as a link to the person you are getting started.
However we recommend going through it with the person on the phone because:

  • It gives you a great opportunity to build rapport with your new person
  • They may have difficulties and you don’t want them to struggle alone
  • If for any reason you still want to send them the link in advance, use the following link

Registering for the NBS is easy and so worthwhile

(it’s also easy to cancel so you are not locked in):


2. CLICK login

A screen similar to the following will appear:

3. CLICK Register

The Registration page has a password: .. we don’t want someone new attempting to register before they know anything about the value of what we are doing.

The ‘fixed’ password is .. ccfingers (all lowercase)

4.     CLICK Enter

The following screen then appears ..

5. CLICK Select

The following screen appears ..

COMPLETE all the details as shown
Note: The best Username is simply your first and last name like: John Smith
This makes it easy to quickly identify you.

.. and continue ..

Note: The ‘Your Coach’ field requires the entry of your coaches email address.
The system will then find your coaches ID and display it.
Ensure you enter your coaches correct email address (the one they used to register on the NBS)

7.      CLICK Submit and Check Out

This completes the Registration Process.  
An email will be sent to the new registrant’s email confirming their membership.

You will also receive a welcome email from the Connect Collaborative in the next 24 hours.
This email contains some important information relevant for your first coaching session.


  • The Connect Collaborative website will now show the ‘Builders’ and ‘logout’ menu items
  • You can login with your email address or username
  • Please note down the password you used to register

Showing your New Builder around the Builders Menu

  • Let your new builder know they now have access to a whole new world through the “Builders” option of the menu bar
  • Ask them to click on this menu
  • Then ask them to scroll down and hover over the “Your Membership”

Membership Options

These options are self-explanatory.
However, it is good to let your new builder know how they can cancel their membership so that they can confidently promote taking a trial to the people they will be bringing on board.

Daily Listening

  • At this point, it’s great to point out the Daily Listening option
    • Ask your new builder to go into this option in the Builders Menu so that they can see how it looks
    • Point out that we now have in excess of 500 great talks
    • Also, point out that they will soon receive modules which will drip feed them with 40 of our recommend talks
  • We place a lot of emphasis on listening to great talks every day
  • Not only do you learn, but it also helps to keep a positive attitude
  • As a coach, you have enough problems of your own without listening to whinging!
    • If you are dealing with a serial complainer, have patience – they can learn to break the habit!
    • Reinforce the value of having a solutions-focused approach rather than just re-stating the problem
      • This is actually a great thing to state upfront (before any whinging has commenced)
    • Having a culture of consistent daily listening really helps lighten the load on coaches because it helps the people they are coaching keep on top of their attitude

Fellow Collaborators

  • Explain that the Fellow Collaborators sheet is a great spreadsheet containing contact and other details for other key collaborators
  • Show them how the Fellow Collaborators sheet can be accessed through the “Fellow Collaborators” option of the Builders menu
  • Let them know that you will be putting an entry for them in the “Newbies” section of the FC Workbook (or show them how to do that)
    • By the way, it is important that you make a note to yourself to ensure you do remember to make an entry for them in the “Newbies” sheet.
    • Also, explain that when they access this menu option it will send a request to CC admin to grant them access to the sheet


  • This is the most frequently used option in the Builders Menu because it enables builders to search for anything
  • Point out that the most common searches items are listed below the search bar as “Try These”
  • The one we’ll be starting with is “Download an Activity Sheet”

Normally there is enough time now to download an Activity Sheet and give your new builder an overview of it during the Getting Started session.

Now Switch to the next item in the Coaches Corner NBS menu titled:
3. Download an Activity Sheet