Coaches Corner NBS – Prepare for 45-min call

Prior to setting the 45-minute get-start appointment

The main thing to establish is that the person you are about to start believes that building a network is very important to them.

  • Because like anything worthwhile successful network building requires consistent commitment
  • In the end, we are looking for people who see the value and are prepared to be consistent

Fortunately, Video-2 helps with the heavy lifting in this regard.

At the same time, it is important to realise that you are taking people on a journey during which they will increasingly see the value of building their network using the NBS and will, therefore, want to find ways that they can become more committed.

Usually, you will set a time for the 45-minute get-start after they have viewed Video-2

  • Video-2 talks about what the NBS provides and suggests taking a trial
  • You may be asked what is the cost after the trial
    • If so, let them know it is only $85 per month and that during the trial, most people discover so much value they know the price should be much higher.
    • If at the end of the trial they don’t see the value in continuing they can easily cancel
    • The only time you would raise the cost is if you are dealing with someone you believe may have difficulty affording $85 per month – such as a student (however, it’s wise not to assume)
    • If they don’t raise cost at this point, it’s easy to cover cost during the get-start after the value has become more obvious
  • After setting a time for the 45-min get-start call, it is important to ask if they currently use the Chrome browser
    • Most people use Chrome or are at least familiar with it
    • If not ask them to download Chrome by doing a Google search
    • Let them know that they will need their computer for the 45-minute call
    • At this point in time, you can also get a feeling for how comfortable your new network builder is with technology

Also, consider suggesting a Zoom call rather than a phone call

  • With Zoom they can easily share their screen with you
  • And you can explain what to do while you are looking at their screen
  • Using Zoom is also great where you have more than one person on the call
  • This is typical where you are starting someone while the person that introduced them is looking in
    • However, bear in mind that the free version of Zoom only allows 40 minutes of call time if there are more than 2 people on the call

Another alternative is Chrome Remote desktop

  • Chrome Remote desktop is simple to use and works like a charm as you can easily direct them as you see their screen and see what they are doing.