NBS – Managing your Potential Partnerships

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How do you manage all the people??

When you are introducing say 2 people per week to the CC, you end up having a lot of people in various states of play!

How do you manage to keep track of all those people!

The answer is the “Potential Partnerships” sheet of your Activity Workbook


It is important to have an effective, simple, duplicatable system of follow-up!

When you are coaching others, it is very useful to be able to see their photo.
It’s also great to have the ability to quickly access other information such as their LinkedIn profile.

It’s also be able to access the details of the people being coached by someone you are coaching.

All this is possible using your “Potential Partnerships” sheet.

Which people should be entered in the Potential Partnerships sheet?

As a rule of thumb, we suggest you enter people in this sheet when you have booked them in to attend an introduction to the Connect Collaborative zoom session (using Calendly)

Filter Views

Rather than making copies of data for people you and your coach are focusing on, keep just one spreadsheet and use the Google Sheet Filter Views that are automatically included when you download a new Activity Sheet.

Google Sheets Filter Views

Filter views allow you to see what you want without sorting the actual spreadsheet.
They are really useful!

Click Here to view Google’s explanation of Filter Views (different from Filters)

Click Here to view a good explanation of why to use Filter Views instead of Filters and how to set them up

Your Potential Partnerships sheet comes with 3 “Filter Views” already set up.

It is easy to just click on a Filter View that has been previously created and this will show you the people you want to focus on.

And when you are finished you can just leave the filter and go back to all the data in your normal sheet.

Note: You can also create your own Filter View whenever you need one.

Your Potential Partnership sheet comes with the following predefined Filter views:

Date Booked In View
This view will give you a list of people that you have booked into CC introductory sessions. They are listed in descending “Date Booked in” order.

In other words, the person who is scheduled to attend the furthermost into the future will be at the top of the list

Follow-Up Priority Filter view

This view will give you a list of people in order of the follow-up priority you have specified for them (e.g. 1,2,3)
This view is based on the values you enter in the Follow-Up Priority column

My Core-10 & My Committed Team Filter View

This is the most used Filter View

When you get really rolling, you may be ready to set a Core-10 goal

Click Here for a brief explanation of Core-10

This filter shows people who are in one of the following categories

  • 1A = New Personal on NBS
  • 1P = Possible New Personal on NBS
  • 2A = New on NBS for my Personal
  • 2P = Possible New Personal for my Personal
  • A = Possible Personal Core-10
  • B = Actual Core-10
  • C = Worth staying in touch with


Hover over a column heading to see hints about what to enter in each column.
For example, as you hover the heading for Column “I”, the following would be displayed:

A brief explanation of the Columns in your Work In Progress Sheet

First Name, Last Name & Email columns

The information that needs to be filled in for these columns is self-explanatory.

However, it is worth noting that having this information handy, enables you to copy and paste straight it into the mail merge list.

The Mail Merge feature of your Activity Sheet is very powerful for staying in touch with the people you are working with.

Date Booked In Column

This is the date the person is scheduled to attend an Introduction to the CC Zoom meeting.

When you select the Date Booked In Filter View, it shows the rows that have a non-blank entry in the ‘Date Booked In’ column with the most future date at the top.

Which means you (and your coach) can see who will be attending the Zoom introductions and when.

My Core-10 Column

This column has data validation – the only valid entries (apart from Blank) are:

  • 1A = New Personal on NBS
  • 1P = Possible New Personal on NBS
  • 2A = New on NBS for my New Personal
  • 2P = Possible on NBS for my New Personal
  • A = Possible Core-10
  • B = Actual Core-10
  • C = Worth keeping in touch with

Photo Column

Note: Having a photo (especially for new people) makes all the difference for you and your coach and the Builders you are coaching to be able to recognise new people and make them feel welcome.

The row height for this column has been set to 100px so that the Photo will display properly.
Note: When you right-click on a row number and Insert one above or below, it will automatically insert a row with a row height of 100px.

First, obtain a link to the photo from LinkedIn

Access the LinkedIn profile and right-click on the image as shown in the following screenshot

Then click “Copy image address”

Click into the cell where you want to place the photo as shown in the following screenshot:

Then select as shown in the following screenshot

The following screen will then be displayed

Select “By URL” as shown in the above screenshot. The following screen will then be displayed

Paste the URL you obtained for the LinkedIn profile image (see above)

When the image is displayed, click Select to insert it into the cell.

The First and Last Name Columns

This is either the name of:

  • Someone you have invited to the Hub who has not yet joined the NBS OR
  • Someone you are coaching who is on the NBS

If they are on the NBS
Link their name to their Activity Workbook

When someone you have introduced joins the NBS, they will download an Activity Workbook just as you have.

During Coaching sessions, you need to be able to quickly access their Activity Sheet so that you can review it with them.

This is best accomplished by linking their first name to their Activity Sheet. Then all you have to do is click on their first name and you will instantly see their Activity Sheet.

Following are the steps to link the Activity sheet of one of the people you are coaching to their name in your Activity Sheet

  • Obtain the link to their activity sheet
    • The best time to do this is when they first download their Activity sheet and share it with you
  • Copy this link (using Ctrl-C)

You can then easily hyperlink it to their first name in your Activity sheet using the following steps:

Right-Click on their name and select as follows:

  • Press Ctrl-V to paste the link as indicated in the above screenshot
    • Now the person you are coaching’s Activity sheet is linked to their name
    • Which makes it very easy to access (also you can send them the link to their Activity sheet if they ever lose it)

Profile Link Column

This is simply their LinkedIn Profile link which you can obtain from their LinkedIn profile as follows:

Copy the link from their LinkedIn “Contact Info” as shown in the above screenshot

And then paste it into the Profile column.

This helps you and your coach quickly access your potential network builders profile to get some quick background.

Comment/Action/Reminder Message Column

This is such an important column! Use it to keep track of the following:

  • A summary to remind you what they are about
  • A way of tracking LinkedIn or phone conversations so that you remember where you are up to (when you have a lot of people, you can easily forget)

The most basic way of using this column is to enter multiple lines of text within each cell. This can easily be entered sequentially as shown in the following screenshot:

To do this, enter Ctrl-Enter after each comment instead of just ‘Enter’

Consider putting a link to a Google doc

If you want to copy and paste LinkedIn conversations or you want an easier way of entering text about your partner / potential partner consider inserting a link to a Google Doc that you have created for them

Date Booked In Column

This is the date your potential network builder is scheduled to attend an introduction to the CC Zoom meeting.

Use the Filter View “Date Booked In”, to see who is attending on each date.

Reminder Date Column

You can put a Date in this column to be used with the Google Sheets Add-on: Add Reminders.

This Add-on will send you an email with the spreadsheet row when the reminder date is reached – this very handy and really helps with efficiency.

When the row comes into your email inbox, you can just click the link to your message thread in the spreadsheet row in the email and it will take you straight into your Work In Progress sheet at that row.

Here’s how to get the Add Reminders Add-on:

Click the Add-Ons menu option at the top of your sheet as shown in the following screenshot the do as shown in the screenshots after that

Click enter to search

In the above example, the add-on has been added.

If you have not already added it, the above will say Add instead of Manage.

Just Click Add and follow the instructions that come up.

After that, the documentation for the Add-on is good so just read it to find out how to use it. Access the Help function as shown in the following screenshot

The Coach Column

You will normally be the Coach.

However, as your group grows, you need to keep track of some of the people who have been introduced through the people you have introduced.

When this happens, it helps to note who is coaching this person in the Coach column.

Setting up additional Columns and Filter Views for personal use

In general, we are attempting to create a standard approach to follow-up so that we have a duplicatable process understood by all.

However, please feel free to set up your own columns in addition to the Standard columns.

Also if you have a suggestion for an additional standard column, please let Admin know and we’ll consider it.