NBS – Linked Helper (LH) Overview

Linked Helper is a brilliant tool which can save you hours of work – every day!

Although Linked Helper can be used for many great purposes, it’s best to just start by using it to automatically to:

  1. Collect a list of names – it does this when you ask it to collect the names from a Search you have done in LinkedIn
  2. Set up a personalised message you would like to send to the people on your collected list
  3. Automatically send that message to the list of people on the ‘collected’ list at a daily rate that you specify
  • Linked Helper has a $ 14-day free trial.
  • Don’t buy direct from the LH website because the CC has negotiated a 10% discount on the standard price.
  • How to download, renew and buy are all included in upcoming sections of the menu.

For the moment it’s worth having a quick look at the Linked Helper website displayed below

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