NBS – LH Connection Request Message

The first step in sending automated connection request messages, it to set up the standard message you would like to send with your connection request.
Typically you will have already set up a message in TextBlazefor when you send a manual connection request. Start with that message.
Now maybe a good time to look at the wording and see if you feel you can “tweak” it.

To set up the message that will be sent with your connection request, select the following Linked Helper option

The following screen will then be displayed:

Click Save Template when finished to save your message.

  • Enter up to 300 Characters (the maximum allowed by LinkedIn)
  • {firstname} will insert the recipient’s first name from their profile
  • You must enter {firstname} exactly as shown (otherwise the recipient will receive an embarrassingly weird message from you
    • The best way to ensure you get this right is to just click on the highlighted green bit shown in the above screen shot and it will get inserted in the message at the point you are currently editing.

Your message is usually “set and forget”.
You won’t need to change it unless you figure out a better message to go with your automated connection requests.

Collecting the names and sending the connection requests are described in the upcoming sessions