NBS – Installing Linked Helper

The steps are:

  • Download Linked Helper and add it as a Chrome Extension (The steps are explained below)
  • Use it for the 14-Day free trial (how to use it is explained in an upcoming session)
  • Purchase a 1-year license (with the Connectcollaborative discount)
  • Update the license information

Download Linked Helper

This is little bit techie but nothing to worry about – your coach will help you with this
The basic steps are as follows:

  • Download a ZIP file
  • Extract the files from the ZIP file
  • Upload one of the extracted folders from the ZIP file as a Chrome extension (in Developer mode)

Make sure you carefully watch the following short videos which explain how to do the above on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Chromebook

You may have to listen a few times to understand the Russian Accent but it’s simple and it works!
Also, don’t be tempted to immediately press ‘Download’.

If you are using a Windows-based computer, following is a really great Loom Video which explains how to install the Linked Helper Independent version (the one you should be using)

You can also scroll down and Click below to watch the relevant Russian/English Youtube video (Windows, Mac, Chromebook) in full-screen mode first.

If you have any problems with the above just ask your coach

After you have installed Linked Helper

A Linked Helper icon will appear as an icon in your Chrome browser to the right of the address bar as shown in this screenshot.

Note: Linked Helper ONLY works when you open any LinkedIn page – when you are on a LinkedIn page, a minimised window will appear in the bottom right corner.

** Key Points to Note:

  1. Linked Helper will only work easily on 1 computer because it stores all the collected data on that computer – yes .. you can transfer it to another computer but it’s a bit of a process.
  2. If you need to clear your cache (or a computer guy wants to do this to fix your computer), make sure you use the ‘Back Up’ option to save the LinkedIn data before the cache gets cleared.
    That way you can restore it afterwards and not lose all your work!

When you open any LinkedIn page you should now see the following at the bottom right of the page.

When you open any LinkedIn page you should see a collapsed version of Linked Helper at the bottom right corner of the page as shown in the following screenshot

When you see the above, you know you have successfully installed Linked Helper.
The upcoming sessions will show you how to use the basic functions of LinkedIn