NBS – How to use Linked Helper

After you have installed the Linked Helper chrome extension when you are on any LinkedIn page you should see the LH window minimised in the bottom right section of your screen as shown in the following screenshot

Simply click on this minimised window to maximise it so that you can see a window that looks like this

Access the LH menu by accessing the 3 bars (see screenshot above)

Linked Helper contains many options.
Initially, however, you will mainly be using:

Watch the Video

When you first access this menu option a pop-up will be displayed with a video explaining how to use this section
We highly recommend watching this video as it will give you a great orientation to this section

The upcoming sections will explain how to:

  • Collect up to 1000 LinkedIn profiles from a Search you have done in LinkedIn
  • These names will be collected into the Linked Helper “Default” list or another list you specify
    • You can then examine that list and exclude any profiles you may not want to send a connection request to
  • Set up a personalised message to be automatically sent to people on a collected list
  • Control the automatic sending of connection request messages